Saturday, September 24, 2011

We were so lucky to have our cousins, Jamie and Katie, come to visit us for two whole weeks.
We had tons of fun!
We both kept them very busy.
We made beautiful cookies....(thanks Grandma!)
On the weekend in between, we went down to the beach. I showed off my frogs to Jamie and Katie. They were very impressed with how many I caught.
It was nice to run around at the beach.
I ate even more sand. Weeee!
Cousins on the beach.
We can't wait to see Jamie and Katie again in November! Love you both and miss you lots!
I am officially a tiger cub blue belt. Part of my testing was to do a polite and courteous greeting. I was very polite and courteous, so my instructors didn't no change me despite the fact that I'm shaking with the wrong hand.
Mama's very proud of her new blue belt.
Me and my instructor/crush Cindy. Cindy rocks.
Happy first birthday to me!
I got to eat a cupcake for breakfast to celebrate. Mama hadn't frosted them yet, so she called it a "muffin." It was pretty tasty.
My brother and I are getting to be pretty good buddies, but we also have lots of wrestling matches and wrangling over toys.
I got several presents through the day. My first present was this fire truck with big legos that go in and stack on it.
We forgot to include this in Keegan's birthday post, so we'll include it here.
Keegan broke a board for his birthday!
And here I am with finished cupcake. I was very happy when everyone sang me happy birthday!
It didn't take me long to start stuffing it in my mouth. Yum.
This is how Keegan eats his cupcake. He licks the frosting off, and that's as long as he can sit still so he leaves the cake behind.
I got some other neat stuff for gifts - my first puzzle, some stacking cups, and building blocks. Good loot for a one year old.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My pre-birthday birthday...
What is this noise maker blower thing?
Whatever, I'm happy because I KNOW that is a cookie. A really BIG cookie.
Keegan helped me blow out the candle because I wasn't sure what to do with it!
Keegan laughed at me because I wasn't quite sure what to make of all the sugar!
And I'm a messy eater. See all the crumbs?
This picture kind of says it all, doesn't it?
Yep, I'm a little Irish houligan.
Brothers. Fools.
My summer nanny Michaela got me this super cool dinosaur dig toy. I dig and dig and dig, and I eventually unearth dinosaur bones.
See? Hopefully soon I can show you the whole dinosaur!
Grandma and grandpa split the difference between Finn and my birthdays and came to visit mid-July.

We didn't waste any time indoctrinating grandpa. One on top, one below.
Over the weekend, we went to the beach so we could spend time with all grandparents. Here, I was telling grandma about the ferry.
Grandma and Finn on the ferry.
We got to spend some good time at the beach, even thought it was *hot*.
I like riding in the kayak. It won't be long before I take this sweet ride out on the water.
Two handsome dudes.
I got to play with grandpa in the water. We had a great time looking at shells and other sea creatures.
I told grandpa he needed some new hair.
We had such a nice family weekend.
I love ridin' the waves on the board.
No doubt, I'm still into Angry Birds. Grandma and grandpa bought me the Angry Birds game, so I can set up my own puzzles and knock them down.
Grandma had fun entertaining Finn. What a rascal!