Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And two more from the boat show...thanks to dada for the guest post, but mama's gotta make sure we've got it all. Look at me and Luke laid back in mama's "race car" [2007 Dodge Calibur, not so much]
Oooooh, Bear.
I pulled Bear's neck ribbon off the other night right before bed. Ga saved the day by sewing it back on. None of us knew what we'd do without bear...

(mama practicing effects on Picasa - you like?)
Mama couldn't resist posting this pic - my face, and Ga's body language, make her giggle.
Two more boat pictures...one of me and dada, and one of me and mama. Mama says she could get used to Sunday late morning boat rides...and you know I'm always game.

On Saturday afternoon, while I was lining up my vehicles on the cooler...
lots of GA's friends descended from Beaumont. There was great food, lots of laughter, a glass of wine or two, and fun for all. They sure enjoyed me. I tried to be an Angel, but

Something got ahold of me. Check out this fit!
Another trip to the beachWe are really making the most of Ga and Papa's new beach house. So much that I had to wake up at 5:30 (ahem, with dada who went fishing) on Saturday. I never do that, so mama and I enjoyed the morning.
I played with all my vehicles, as usual.
Lined them all up straight cause that's how I roll.