Sunday, April 18, 2010

Planting with Papa
Papa came out to Katy to visit and to help the family do some gardening and planting.
Ga gave mama a new grape plant for the yard, and a tulip tree. I helped Papa do the planting of the grape plant.
I had to take a rest and watch Papa because I was worn out.
After the grape plant was in the ground, I used my tractor and bulldozer to move some dirt around the plant to make sure it was snug in the ground. It's already growing!
The farm is here!
For mama's birthday, dada bought her a share of an organic farm in Brenham, about an hour away from Katy. Basically, dada paid $ and every Thursday the farm delivers a box of veggies to a local church that mama picks up. The first share was delivered last week, and included beets, celery, romaine and lettuce. Everything was so delicious and fresh. I loved the celery, which mama boiled for me. I even ate the "heart beets."
Update on the garden
We've got tomatoes! This is the cherry tomato plant in the earthbox, and, as you can see, there are tons of blooms which will mean tons of cherry tomatoes.
These are also Earthbox tomatoes, which will grow bigger and be delicious. I got in trouble for picking a green one the other day. I don't think I will do that again. At least mama is hoping I don't do that again.
A view of the length of the garden -- herbs up front (garlic, thyme, rosemary, basil, cilantro), and then lots of heirloom and other tomatoes to the right, with green beans and lima beans up front. I specifically requested lima beans, because they are my fave, and a new addition to our garden.
The other new thing mama is trying is a planting technique called the Three Sisters. The middle is corn, 5 seeds planted north, south, east and west, and one in the middle. Once the corn gets a little bigger than above, we will plant climbing beans around the corn, which will fix the nitrogen in the soil. Then, we plant squash around the beans, which provides ground cover to hold the soil. We've planted tons of green beans and squash before, but this is our first time for corn. We'll keep you posted.
I found a mushroom growing on a log, but mama warned me not to eat it or I will barf my brains out.
Easter was fun for the family. Mama made a delicious bread knot stuffed with cherries, that we ate after everyone split up the chocolate bunnies and blue peeps. I started scratching my belly right after eating a bunny, so mama wouldn't let me eat anymore, and now she's ordered chocolate chips and chocolate treats from the Vermont Nut Free store, where no nuts share the same surface as the chocolate (the candies weren't cheap, but you can't put a price tag on piece of mind).
Later that morning, we all played monster trucks on mama and dada's bed. Dada had a good idea to stuff mama's maternity pillow under the blanket to make a rad hill and launch pad.
I am into playing doctor these days, and like to take my cortisone cream and put it on Bear. I also gave him a band aid on his nose because his "got hurt like mine." I am big into taking temperatures too, but no worries, I use the mouth for taking temperatures. I look appropriately sad that Bear wasn't feeling well, don't I?
In the afternoon, the whole family went to see How to Train a Dragon, which was really cute. I sat through the whole thing, believe it or not, but mama and dada did have to bribe me with TWO bags of gummies in the last 15 minutes before the final action scene to convince me to stay in my seat. I also ate TWO tubs of popcorn and a whole lot of Sprite during the course of the movie. What's better than a holiday splurge?