Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Pied Piper at Crystal Beach
Ga and Papa bought me a boat for my birthday, and we finally got around to blowing it up this weekend.  All the adults took turns taking us for rides, and we couldn't get enough.  
On Sunday we went for a family boat ride on dada's boat.  It was nice to speed through the water, and it was actually nice when the wind was whipping in our hair. 
Dada was proud of me for bringing my fishing rod along, so we stopped to cast a few. 
Whew, it sure did get hot when we stopped the boat.  

Ga and mama didn't fish, but they were good cheerleaders.  
More beach time
Part of the fun of the beach is that I get to run and run and run and, well, you get it.  Really, my little legs don't stop. 
I needed some energy to keep my legs moving, and the ice cream man came along just at the right time.  Mama got ice cream too, and I decided that I liked hers better than mine, so I ate hers, and mine.  Spoiled, yep!
Hanging out with dada and looking for bait fish to swim by. 
Hanging out on dada!  I told him his whiskers were prickly.