Saturday, July 09, 2011

Happy, happy birthday to me! Five years old!
This year was all about Transformers,
and books (about Transformers).
I had a great day of presents, a trip to the dentist (he gave me 3 toys, and a clean bill of health), play time, cooking camp, more play time, and some chill time with my new Transformers Movie, the Beast Wars. Seriously into Transformers over here.
My summer buddy, Michaela, brought me a delicious cupcake from Crave. I tore it up.

Monday, July 04, 2011

This weekend we headed down to Ga and Papa's to celebrate the 4th at the beach. Mama and dada bought me this Jeep walker because I hate not being able to move around downstairs, but they don't want me crawling on concrete. I still love my swing, too, but it's nice to be on the move. Keegan was fixing the motor when mama took this picture.
We spent afternoons at the beach, which was really fun. I like to eat sand. Mama figured she would let me eat a big handful and then I would know it's gross and stop. But I don't mind sand. And I like to eat shells too. Thankfully I don't like seaweed.
Keegan and I dug a big hole, but didn't quite get to China.
Finn tried to go body surfing, but it's hard when you can't stand up.
Dada's mini-me.
Happy Fourth of July everyone!
This weekend, dada taught me how to body surf.
He found good waves,
pushed me off,
and I slid all the way in to the beach.
It was awesome! I added a new word to my vocabulary - cowabunga!
Even dada took a few turns riding the waves!
In 2 days, I will be 11 months. Some days, my parents feel like I should be 5 already (like today, I really put them through the ringer), and some days it's hard to believe I didn't just come home from the hospital.
I am pulling up on everything, even if it's not really safe or stable. I've also just started standing up on my own, without holding on to anything. Also, if I pull up, and I get distracted by what I'm playing with, I forget to hold on. What this all means is that I'll be walking soon and then things will really get interesting.
I am a pretty happy guy, but I do have my moments. I have a tone in my screech that can wake the dead. I love playing with my brother, and get upset when he climbs up on the dining room table to play legos without me. One of my favorite games is stealing the telephone and crawling away with it fast! I also like talking on the phone with Grandma and Grandpa in Chicago. I can yell "Ma" for Mac, and "Ma" for mama.
It's almost time for my first haircut. When the sun shines on my head, you can see some red in there, but my hair is getting lighter and lighter the more time we spend at the beach.
We are all happier now that I'm sleeping better, especially mama. Things aren't perfect, but we're making progress.
One of my favorite places is the beach. I love, love, love chasing waves. I am like a little turtle, running into the ocean. Even when the waves hit my face, I keep crawling into the waves. Guess mama and dada have another water baby on their hands.
Grandpa sent us these super cool wooden discs that you can fit together to make all kinds of shapes.
Of course, Brenden had the best idea!