Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Cars, cars, cars, it's all about the cars people.
I am on a roll with pooping on the potty, and have started a nice big collection of Matchbox cars. I love my cars. They go with me everywhere -- on errands, to bed, upstairs, downstairs -- I don't go anywhere without a bunch of cars. I've collected so many that it's hard for mama and dada to find cars that I don't have anymore. But, I'm not giving in - I still demand a new car each time I poop. My favorite cars are the "Fraris" and the "Hemis". My all time favorite might be the Hemi Cuda. I like to group my cars - sometimes by color, sometimes by type (I especially love the convertibles), and when dada is around to help, by the maker.
This was a color day.
Look how pretty, all in a row.
At the end of a long car lining up session, dada and I like to kick back with some popcorn and watch my favorite tv show, the Wonder Pets, or Alvin and the Chipmunks. Alvin!
A few weeks ago (mama knows it's been awhile, cut the poor lady some slack) mama went to Florida to meet with some clients. I tried to pack myself in her suitcase to go along, but decided to stay home and have some quality time with dada instead.
After mama was done schmoozing, she picked up her bestest friend Dawn (they have been friends since they were 5) and they drove together to visit Great Grandma GG on the other side of the state.
Mama said it was fun to have the ladies together again -- mama and Dawn used to visit GG in the summers. They were just a little wilder then. This time they spent a lot of time playing cards, rummy tiles, and drinking vino.

Mama was glad that she made the trip. Just last week, poor GG had a fall and broke her hip, so we are sending her love from far away! Love you GG!