Friday, August 25, 2006

Keegan got to sleep in mom and dad's bed tonight for a bit.  Posted by Picasa

Worn out from watching football with dad.  Posted by Picasa

Anna Rose and Keegan on their second play date. The last play date they both slept most of the time, but this time, they were both wide awake. Anna is three and a half months - look at her precious smile! Keegan is still trying to smile, but you have to be fast to catch it. I do everything short of standing on my head to get him to do it!  Posted by Picasa

Anna Rose and Keegan on their second play date. The last play date they both slept most of the time. They are both wide awake here. Anna is 3 and a half months - look at her cute smile! Keegan is trying to smile, but usually just achieves a smirk.  Posted by Picasa

Keegan looks like he's trying to make a move on Anna, who is looking at Keegan like don't even try it buddy. Anna can be picky - she has lots of dates for the prom already!  Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 21, 2006

Our doula Nadia Stein came by for a visit on Sunday. She lulled Keegan to sleep just like she calmed me down during labor. Nadia has serious skills. I would recommend her to anyone that is interested in using a doula for their birth - a doula provides physical and emotional support to a woman before, during and after childbirth. I credit Nadia for helping me to have the type of birth that I wanted for Keegan.  Posted by Picasa

Eskimo Liam and his family, mom Janet, grandma Lori and brother Logan, came by for a delicious dinner cooked by Grandma Ellie. Logan, Marianne and Brenden stirred things up while the baby boys played downstairs.  Posted by Picasa

Baby Liam when uncovered. Look how tiny those little feet are! You just want to gobble them up.  Posted by Picasa

Lori can't wait to get Keegan down to the beach to play with the other boys. It's going to be fun in the sun.  Posted by Picasa

The wild children - Brenden, Logan (Janet's son) and Marianne - eating cake. Farrell's house is fun.  Posted by Picasa

The kids looking very cute and serene. Not for long... Posted by Picasa

Hey! Watch it Keegan! You're going to rip off Marianne's finger! What fun. Posted by Picasa

Marianne and Keegan cuddling on the couch. She says it is so exciting to hold her first cousin.  Posted by Picasa