Saturday, October 01, 2011

Well I'm almost 14 months old, and mama feels really guilty that she hasn't tracked all my comings and goings like she did for Keegan, so we'll take a stab at catching up.
I started walking at the end of July, although I had been "walking" for a couple months as long as I could hold on to something. Now, two months later, I'm starting to run (after Keegan, of course) and getting faster everyday. I like to stomp on stuff, and I really love to climb. I've learned how to pull things up to higher surfaces so I can climb up. For example, I pull a toy to the couch and then climb up, or my Baby Einstein table to the train table, and get up there. One of my favorite games is to put things "in" -- I take any container and fill it up, with cheerios, fruit, toys, whatever, and then take everything out; put it back in, take it out. I also love balls -- Keegan was never really into balls, so this is a new thing for my parents. Do not ever walk past a ball display at the store without stopping or I'll throw a fit. For only being 14 months, I can throw some pretty major fits. I throw fits when mama leaves, or if she's there and can't hold me, like if she's doing dishes. I don't say any whole words other than "Ga", but I do say Ma (for Mac), bah (for bark), mah (for mama) and yeah for yes. My nickname is Tooter McGhee because, well, I toot a lot, and I think it's really funny and laugh when I do. It's hilarious when I toot.
I went to a seminar at dada's school to learn "see and flee" (from strangers) and bully guard (in case anyone tries to pick on me). I got to hang out with the big kids, and I paid really good attention.
Keegan really likes to carry me around. I usually put up with it for a few minutes, and then start screaming.
First days of school...
2 years old for 2 days a week
3 years old for 3 days a week
4 years old for 4 days a week
And now 5 years old and in Transitions, for 4 days a week. Next year, off to Kindergarten.