Thursday, June 23, 2011

This week I've been going to dinosaur camp at Imagination Campus. I've had a super good time and like the new friends I've made, although I never remember their names. On Tuesday we went to the "Dinosaur Museum." It was my first field trip ever, and even though I saw some awesome dinosaurs, my favorite part was riding in the bus to get there. I've never been on a field trip bus! Mama and dada were a little uneasy about me going (mama made me wear a big sticker that said "no nuts" on the back of my shirt!), but they survived and I got home safe and sound. On Monday, I made this cool dinosaur project and I even got some dinosaurs to put in it. Finn tried to eat one of the dinosaurs but we stopped him before he chomped them down. The summer is turning out to be all right.
Our cousins are here! They drove all the way down from St. Joe to visit us. Marianne and I became fast friends. She thinks I'm cute, and I love that she dotes on me.
Brenden and his "favorite cousin."
Just kidding (kind of). He likes me pretty well too.
Look how happy Ga is with all her grandbabies in one room! Including Mac, who is actually the only one that is not looking at the camera.
The garden is pretty sad this year, and not just because it misses Ga. There has been so little rain and water from the hose just isn't the same.
We have had a pretty good feed on squash and beans though, and Ga's okra actually grew.
Now that, my friends, is one big zucchini!
We've got major Angry Birds fever over here! Who's ready to party?
When I want to play with legos, I have to do it on the dining room table so that Finnegan doesn't find them and eat them. I have been warned that if I build legos and leave them where Finnegan can get them, they get taken away. I've only had them taken away once, so far.
I like to make all kinds of "Transformers" and other machines.
I also built a jail, to "put the bad guys in."
I'm getting closer and closer to walking. I pull up on everything, and will let go and forget that I'm not holding on to anything, until I remember and then I drop straight down on my bum. I am walking around things, especially when mama leaves me a trail of snacks around the table. I will hold onto someone's fingers and walk a bit, but usually I just like to jump up and down and dance.
Cheeks for miles.
Helping dada clean the fish tank.
Sometimes my brother and I really have a good time playing with each other.
This makes me very happy. Keegan is my favorite person. I love to watch him run around and do silly things, which Keegan does a lot.
One night Keegan let me get into his "boat".
We rode along on the high seas.
Two sweet boys.
We got to spend a super long weekend at the beach to celebrate Memorial Day, and the best part was that the Byman boys (and Mr. Matt and Ms. Allison) stayed next door at Dale and Debra's house. We had so much fun, we could hardly stand it.
The boys played and played under Ga and Papa's house. Davis and I hid in the floaties.
Luke made cool patterns with chalk.
We thought a convict escaped from the pen, but then we realized that it was just Papa, dressed up in a jumpsuit to keep himself clean while he mowed the grass.
We ate lots of tasty meals over the weekend. Our buddy Eric brought a mess of blue crabs, which he barbecued. The kids weren't into them, but the adults had a feast.
The big deal at the beach was shaking out all the seaweed to find little sea creatures, like mini crabs and baby shrimp, and making a habitat for them. We spent hours doing this.
There were tons of hermit crabs too.
Of course, we had plenty of ice cream treats.
What a great weekend. Can't wait to have the Byman boys down to the beach again!
Yep, I'm a Hochmuth-Pollard Production. That's for sure, no doubt about it.
Pop-eye the Sailor Man! Toot toot!
Happy birthday dada! We all gathered around to sing,
and to eat cake! High five!
While we were down at the beach, we celebrated Ms. Leslie's birthday. She had a "blue soda pop" shaped cake (AKA Miller Lite). Ga had us blow out a candle so that we didn't spit on the cake.
I took my first trip to the water down at the beach since I started crawling.
I didn't waste much time sitting around.
I had places to go.
And sand to eat. Lots of sand to eat. It wasn't much fun getting it in my eyes.
Dada spent a lot of time chasing me into the water, as I had no fear and crawled right in.