Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finally! Mama let me pick the first red tomato, from the Earthbox. It took all the self control I had to not pick it before it was ready. I picked a green one a few weeks ago, and was (sternly) told that you just don't pick green tomatoes.
There are tons of blooms in the Earthbox. Bring on the tomatoes!
Garden update - oh boy, we've got lots of tomatoes in the works. Get your tomato recipes ready. We also got beans coming, including limas, good herbs, squash, and corn. Oh, and cucumbers.
Here's a picture of the cucumbers and squash.
Ga made a delicious salad with lettuce, onions and beets from the farm, and tomatoes from our garden. I'm not a big fan of lettuce, but I'll eat tomatoes right off the vine.
Last week was Aunt Bridey's 40th birthday (Happy Birthday Bridey!), so Ga went up to spend the week with her to celebrate her big day. Grandma came down from Chicago to keep me company.
Mama and dada took a much needed vacation for a few days to the Florida Keys.
The lure to the Keys was dada's fascination with Tarpon. His goal is to catch a tarpon.
Mama and dada flew into Ft. Lauderdale, rented a "Grabber Blue" Mustang convertible, and drove south. On the way, they stopped at Robbie's so that they could feed themselves, and then dada fed the tarpon, and amazingly, still has his fingers.
The resort where they stayed had a whole assortment of pools, including this salt water pool with fish swimming in it.
The water was incredible. I can't wait to go some day with them, although I also had a great time getting spoiled at home with Grandma.
Dada was happy.
Mama was happy.
But all good things must come to an end, so they packed up and came home to ME!
A few weekends ago, the Bymans came down to the beach to visit. Mr. Matt went with dada to a fishing class at the Stingaree, and Ms. Allison, Luke and Davis hung out with me and mama at the beach.
Me and Luke ran and ran like two wild, well, three year olds.
Davis liked to "drive" the golf cart.
Mama was feeling a little tired, so Ms. Al took me for a swim in the water. I'm pretty sure I wore her out.
Ha! The only shot of all three of the boys, grubbing.
Mama is really enjoying her share of the farm produce. This week, we got yellow and white cauliflower, onions, lettuce, and what is cuter than those little carrots?
Mama made chunky cauliflower soup with carrots and onions. Delicious!
Update on the garden...look at all the tomatoes! We went away for Memorial Day weekend and came back to lots and lots of ripe tomatoes.
The rest of the garden is going bananas too. It's like the Amazon in there!
The corn is coming along. It will be interesting to see if we get any corn...
One night's tomato harvest. Look at the beautiful heirloom lemon and purple tomatoes right in the center. Mama can't wait to sink her teeth into them. Lots of other good ones too. We are keeping our fingers crossed for pico de galo soon...
And this was the night's bounty of zucchini. Anyone have good recipes? How will we use all this good stuff? Check out the zucchini with the flower still connected. We also harvested three yellow squash and four cucumbers. Looks like another pot of white gazpacho is in the future.