Monday, March 30, 2009

Tonight mama and I went out back to start checking out the garden. Papa is going to come to Katy soon and help us turn it over to prepare it for all the giant tomato trees, early tomatos and sugarbaby tomatoes mama bought. Start placing your order for tomatoes now - there will be plenty! This is usually squash corner.

I got a new outside toy - a golf set.

And I got a new chair. Spring is on!
This weekend we headed down to the beach again, for a little R&R. Mama spent some QT in her new birthday beach chair.

Last weekend when grandma and grandpa were still here, the family took a trip down to the beach for an early celebration of mama's 34th birthday.
The ferry was fun. We spotted all kinds of cool boats.
I am seriously spoiled.
The beach after Ike is, well, coming along. Every day more work is done. It just can't go fast enough.
The only good thing from Ike -- now Ga and Papa have a water view, where there used to be about 20 houses in the way. Bitter sweet.
Of course we went to the beach so that I could run around like a wild man.
I love working the dump truck on the beach.
Chillin' out with a little drink.
On Sunday, Ga and I frosted cupcakes for mama.
I prefered to put the frosting in my mouth, than on the cupcake.
After we finished slaving in the kitchen, grandma, mama and I met dada and Randy down at the dock and went for a family boat ride.
It was great fun. We had to save a stranded couple and their golden retriever because they forget to check their gas levels. Dada towed them back to a dock, and we had to race a barge to beat it across the Intercoatal. It was so cool.

On the way home, mama and I almost blew away. Look at my slickery hair.