Monday, June 04, 2007

For dada's 34th birthday on May 24 (mama apologizes for her lack of blogging and blames work), mama surprised dada by flying in his best friend from college, Richie Malave. Richie lives in Washington D.C. now and works for the Discovery Network. He's a smart, fun and crazy guy. We had a ball together.
Richie brought everyone gifts from the Discovery Network: t shirts, hats, a stuffed koala for me, and even an authentic Lance Armstrong jersey for dada. When mama went to try on her hat, Richie noticed that there was a manufacturing defect. Can you see it? Animal Planl?
Although Richie was mad that he got a defective hat, mama thought it was kind of cool and unique. She posed with a sad face so that Richie could show this picture to the marketing guys up at the Network. He's going to take it to them, literally.

With date stamp to make it authentic! We miss you Richie and can't wait to see you again!
Mama invited a few friends out for a little Karaoke and pool at the local pool hall to celebrate Dada's birthday.
She even bought him a cookie cake. Mama doesn't really bake, and they decided to leave Ga's super tasty carrot cake with homemade cream cheese frosting at home.
It's time for crawfish again. Mama is seriously trying to make up for not having any last year! And Richie's visit combined with the rainy Memorial Day weekend was the perfect opportunity to soak some mudbugs.

Say hello to my little friend Beaudreaux.
Sorry Beaudreaux.
We tore you up!
Even crazy Richie from New York liked crawfish!

Paw paw gave us a good feed. He even has the veggie cooking mastered. There is nothing like the rutabaga. Trust me.
After the crawfish boil, my friend Sher showed me how to wash off my fingers in the rain water on the street. It was fun to play in the water.

I am the man!
What are you lookin' at?

The crab on my bottom?

Grandma sent me this outfit from Chicago. Hi Grandma!