Friday, October 21, 2011

Mama had to go to a conference in Chicago for work, which "worked" out perfectly for a trip to see Grandma and Grandpa. I had been super excited to see Legoland, so that's the first place we went. It was so cool to be there on a Wednesday evening, because we basically had the entire place to ourselves. It was awesome!
This was the Indiana Jones exhibit. I was super excited, because it was just like the game that my buddies Luke and Davis got me for my birthday. I was also a little nervous about that tiger, who was made entirely of legos (duh, legoland).
It was really amazing, all the stuff made with legos.
Because there was no one there, we got to ride all the rides, ignoring the height restrictions. Finn rode with Grandma.
There was a super cool dragon!
After we saw a movie, where there was only 1 other family in the entire theater, we went to the play area. There are big buckets of legos to build with, and ramps to test cars. It was like they knew I was coming!
Finn liked playing in the big lego playground.
After Legoland, we went to Two Toots Cafe, where the train brings your food.
Finn really liked watching the train go by!
We also had a great time playing at Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was kind of like Christmas, with all the gifts we got. Of course, Finn liked playing in the cabinets the best. It was all fun and games, until Finn got stuck in a pot.
One day while mama was at the conference and Finn was napping, Grandpa took me to the Children's Museum. That was cool and all, but what I really wanted was to go to Portillo's for a hot dog.
On Friday after mama was done working, we went to Cosley to see the pumpkins and check out the animals.
It was cool enough that I needed to put up my hood. It felt great!
Finn liked to move the pumpkins around.
And sit in the pumpkins.
Me and grandpa checked out the horses and cows.
I enjoyed the leaves on the ground, and got down to roll around in them. This is strange stuff for a kid from Houston.
Checking out the bunnies.
We even got to feed the ducks.
Keegan showed me how to throw the food to the ducks.
We had fun climbing the hay bales. Now this is more like Texas.
Walking amongst the corn.
What a perfect fall day!
On Saturday, we went to the Wildlife Preserve, because it was another incredible day outside.
We followed the trail by the lake.
Although we occasionally got off the trail...
and into the forest.
Keegan on the prairie!
We had such a great time in Chicago,
and can't wait to see Grandma and Grandpa in Florida next month!
We had a parade to the field for our first soccer game. Here I am with my best soccer buddies, Matthew and Grafton. We decorated everyone's car with our team color - RED! Red paint, balloons, and streamers. We are the Sidekicks! Dada's TaeKwonDo school is our sponsor, so the name fits.

Decorating with mama. We had such a great time.
Ready to go at the field. It's time to play ball!
Go Sidekicks!
My favorite position is goalie. Who would have suspected that I'd prefer the stand still position?
Here I am with Coach Gel's daughter, Reese. We were sideline buddies.
This nice thing about FFPS is that who knows who won the first game? We all had fun, and that's what matters!
Besides finding sight words, I'm also into writing out words too, especially when I get my hands on mama's pens. I like pens more than pencils.
This was our second soccer practice. I was not on my best behavior, and we'll just leave it at that. I was getting a very stern talking to here.
That being said, I did do some good kicking, when I wanted to.
This year I started playing soccer with Fair, Fun and Positive Soccer. It's a good place for me to start. Mama had to watch dada gear me up because she wasn't sure where all the gear goes. Look at my super cool GREEN soccer ball!
I have some pretty strong kicks.
My team, girls and boys.
Keep control of the ball...
Things get a little crazy in the Pollard house some nights. Here, Finn is wearing my taekwondo belt and some mardi gras beads, while I do my best zombie expression. Weeee....
My hairs were getting a little long, so it was time for my first haircut.
My buddy Sandy came over to do the honors. The worst offenders were my bangs!
After awhile, I needed a popsicle to help me stay still.
Ta-da! Looking so grown up, and messy.