Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I got a super cool authentic Italian soccer jersey from my Uncle Billy, Aunt Kristen and cousins Jamie and Katie. They just got back from a trip to Italy. I also got a Smart Car, which fits very nicely into my automobile collection.
Happy real birthday to me - July 8
My birthday fell on a Thursday this year, so I got to celebrate three times - once on "the day", also on Saturday for my party, and then with Grandma and Grandpa when they came to visit.
In the morning, I got some good stuff from mama and dada, who tried to be a little controlled in light of the fact that I get so spoiled from Ga and Papa and Grandma and Grandpa. This year I asked for a police station vehicle set (a tribute to my Uncle Chris), so I got a real die cast NYPD set. I also wanted a fire house set with a fire helicopter. I get some Cars cars, monster trucks and I am very into Battle Force 5, so I got a few of those too. Yes, I am still all about the vehicles.
I also got a big box of goodies from Aunt Bridey and my cousins -- I really enjoyed all the toys, books and the Cars pillow inside. There was also a super big monster truck. Sweet.
After mama and dada got home from work, I got a few more presents, like a construction legos set. I am not really into building what the pictures show, but I do like to just make my own things a lot.
Playing with all my toys...
I am 4! See the super cool cake Ga made me? It was a big cake on the bottom and cupcakes on the top, each one adorned with a different vehicle, and green sprinkles.
I picked the cupcake with the airplane. Delicious!