Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Today is my eighteen month birthday. Can you believe it? Mama and dada can't. How time flies. I am a fast little man, no one can keep up with me, but they sure try - I run everywhere and no longer comprehend walking. I do laps around the house. I still enjoy stacking (see below), and right now my favorite toy is the vetrinarian set that my cousins gave me for Christmas - I love to move the pieces around, including the house, nurse, dog, cat and ambulance , many of which are words in my vocabulary now. I have many of my own made up words, and mama has a list of about 40 that I really can say - I like to shout them in HEB when ga and I go grocery shopping to impress all the ladies. My big phrases are "help me" and "ho ho all gone". I have a set of animal noises for good measure. I still eat like a champ - I devour fruit and vegetables, favorites include tomatoes, bananas, clementines, peaches, pears, all berries, zucchini and squash. I have added fish sticks to my tofu, chicken and turkey repertoire. I am not fond of ground beef or eggs. Blah. I figured out mama gives me a popsicle in my highchair when she's going to cut my nails, so I'm boycotting them. I still go to Little Gym, and am hoping to start hitting the library soon. I guess that's all for now. Mama's gotta' hit the hay!

I didn't want to hear it.
I didn't want to do it.
But there was no denying it, my hair was much too long.
So our good friend Paola came over, plopped me in the sink, and worked her magic like Edward Scissorhands. She was good.
I sat there like a little Prince, impressing mama, dada, and Paola.
Ta da!!!
Justy came over and made gumbo too. From what I hear, it was quite tasty!
Catching up...
Yep, it's been awhile. Mama's been busy working on an appeal. She has re-emerged now. Yeah! I am way into puzzles right now, but I get very angry if the pieces don't go right in. We are working on patience, supposedly. Peekaboo.
I am still into stacking and moving. I will move these cups from surface to surface and stack, unstack and restack them for a long time. Fascinating.
'Tis the season, merry Christmas Eve.
Ga and mama worked really hard on saving up for this tree this year. They are already stocking up for next year's addition. Watch for the cork tree to make a 2008 blog appearance....
Mac was a little unsure about the holidays with three crazy yelling kids, instead of just one.
Ga and her grandbabies.
Time for bed, I hear ho ho ho is on his way!
In memory of the ornament Brenden gave to mama - it fell and broke later that night. It was beautiful Brenden, thank you.
Dada and Aunt Bridey.
Ga got to open one gift on Christmas Eve - a new laptop so she can be "wired in" whether in Beaumont, Katy, or at the beach! Papa did good.
Happy family after a little Egg Nog.
The stockings were hung..yeah, you know how it goes. Can you believe this?
Santa left me a rocking zebra. I have a rocking horse (which you all saw in the Xmas card, which was handmade by Grandpa in Chicago), a rocking zebra, and a rocking fish (that Grandpa made for my cousins). Too cool.
Soon enough, I was riding bareback.
I got my second pair of cowboy boots from Ga and Papa, check me out, and
and a wagon too. I beg Ga for rides all day long.

Papa's big gift was a handmade kilt. You know you'll see pics of him on the blog after the first Irish festival, or St. Patty's Day, I'll make sure of it.

Still riding the zebra, this time with a ho ho ho hat.

See my crazy cousin Brenden? He was sneaking into all the pictures. He and I are fast friends. He will actually chase me until I tire and stop begging to be chased.

This is what holidays are all about, spending time with the fam.

Other adventures with my cousins...

Ga and Aunt Bridey kept us busy, and the nice weather certaintly helped. We walked around at the mall...

Swung at the park.
Whee! Nice action shot, Ga.
We also drove down to the beach to check out Ga and Papa's beach house. It's all staked out and will be ready by summer. Looks like I'll have a tan for my two year birthday.
Ga and Papa are obviously very excited.

It's no surprise why we nicknamed my cousin Marianne "Crazyfingers".

All things must, as they say, come to an end. Aunt Bridey, Marianne and Brenden left to go back to Missouri, and it's scarily quiet these days. But, no fear, they'll be back this summer. See you guys then!