Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Even though it was super hot, last Sunday dada took me and mama to the park so that we could do some fishing. Dada made me my very own fishing rod, in my favorite colors, so we wanted to test it out.
I had as much fun with the worms as with the fishing. I am all boy, no doubt about it.
See my cool rod? And tackle box? A fisherman must have good gear.
We cast into the water.
And just like that, we caught a fish! Dada wanted me to kiss him for luck!
Our prize catch!
What a perfect evening. The last outing as a family of three....
Grandma and Grandpa are here!!!
A few weeks ago, Grandma and Grandpa flew in from Chicago to visit so that Ga could go visit her family in Canada.
It was blazing hot outside, but I got in some good Jeep driving time. I was stubborn and insisted on driving in the grass even though I kept getting stuck.
We went on lots of adventures while mama and dada were at work. One day we went to the Children's Museum. I had a blast playing in the grocery store - look at my basket all filled up with fruits and veggies.
I got a chance to ride in a Police car, and not as a criminal.
Another day, we went to the Museum because I begged to go back to see more dinosaurs. I love this place now, thanks Luke.
On the weekend, we went to the beach to hang out with Papa, who was lonely because Ga was gone. Look how big Gummy is getting in mama's tummy! We took lots of golf cart rides to the beach. We were waiting for Grandpa to change into his bathing suit in this picture -- can you feel how impatient I am.
But once we got to the beach, Grandpa bought me an ice cream from the ice cream man, so all was forgiven. It was my first chocolate banana bomb pop, and hoo boy, it was tasty. I was sad to say good bye to Grandma and Grandpa, but I know they are coming back soon to visit after Gummy is born. I was also really, really happy to see Ga again - I sure did miss her!
The day after my birthday party, we went to Luke's fourth birthday party at the Museum of Natural Science. I had never been there before, and spent a lot of time doing this...
looking at things like this. I was in awe of all the dinosaurs and other creatures.
My buddy Luke and I touching one of the dinosaur's teeth.
I loved the part of Luke's party when the animal keeper brought around animals for us to touch, like this slimy salamander and even a big snake. I budged to the front of the line to get the first touch.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Fourth birthday party = Monster Truck Galore
I decided a few months ago that I wanted a monster truck birthday party this year. As a recap, I've had a 1 year party, a John Deere party, a Construction party and now a Monster Truck party. We got lots of cool party goods, including these Grave Digger party favor boxes. Mama and I stuffed them full of goodies like tatoos, stickers and Pop Rocks!
Mama made my cake, which was a cupcake cake with an Oreo cookie trail leading to a jump-over several Hot Wheels cars. It was super cool.

We had a cut out of a monster truck and all my guests had a chance to ride in Grave Digger, even dada!
When I got to the party, I had a surprise waiting for me....
A big white monster truck was parked outside the party and I got to sit in one of the wheels for this picture.
Here I am driving Grave Digger -- look at my "scary" face!
We rented a Monster Truck jumper. I begged mama to get inside and jump, but she declined because she didn't want to give birth to my little brother in a jumper.
My best buds the Bymans came to the party.
During the party, dada set up an obstacle course for the guests to run through on another part of the TaeKwonDo floor. It was super fun.
After that, we took a break for pizza, and then...
It was pinata time - my buddy Luke took some good whacks at the truck.
I took a few good whacks too. But thank goodness Harrison Powers was there, or we might still be sitting there waiting!
The kids made a mad dash for the candy grub!
Then we ate cake! Check out my #4 Monster Truck tshirt. My buddy Carter blew out the candle for me on my cake, and everyone got a good laugh.
Opening gifts was fun, and I got some great presents.
The Bymans stayed for the "after party", which means that Mr. and Mrs. Byman helped dada break down the party because mama was super pregnant and useless. The guys then played in the obstacle course that me, Luke and Davis set up for them.