Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy, happy, happy birthday GA! You deserve it.

We celebrated with Italian food that mama spent all day cooking, and an ice cream cake that mama spent all day baking. Why are mama's fingers crossed? Anyway, we all had a great time, even dada, who was nursing his leg after surgery.
Happy Birthday #2 to James!

This weekend we made the long hike out to Beaumont for James's 2nd birthday party. James is a huge fan of Thomas the Tank Engine - kind of like me and John Deere. Mama's been prepping me for weeks for the party by getting Thomas books at the library and talking about trains.
James had a pinata, just like Jackson. Pinatas are all the rage this year. Mama posted this pic because it was the only one that had us both in it! We both move so fast!
Personally, I was really into riding James's Thomas toys, and his motorized jeep. Guess what I'm getting for Christmas?
Mama wanted to go to the party to finally meet Hayden, Hannah's little brother, and son to Kelly (mama's law school buddy) and Gaile. And we also got to finally meet Bodie, James's baby brother. Sweet baby boys all over the place!
My very favorite part of the party was riding in the Kubota. I got a private ride from James's daddy too!
And we all got to ride behind the Kubota in the hay wagon. How cool was that?
We got train hat party favors, train whistles, and lots of candy that mama ate on the way home. I ate the sweet tarts.

Guess who's back? Yep, it's Harry.
Every year, well the past two at least, papa brings out Harry from the closet mama sticks him in right after Halloween. I love Harry.

When papa waves me in front of him, Harry laughs and lifts his head off his neck. I like to look inside and see his guts, which really cracks papa up.
Dewberry Farm

Two weekends ago, mama, ga and Staci took me to the Dewberry Farm while dada and Chris went to see the Texans lose, again. My favorite part was, no surprise, getting up in the BIG John Deere tractor. The front wheels were bigger than me!
I petted the chicks.
And looked at the rabbits with Staci.
And kissed the goat. Mama said gross. There was no amount of Purel that would take those germs off!I also kissed the fake pig for good measure. I was feeling particularly sweet that day.
There was a hay stack to climb. Mama and I rode on the corn huskers ride. It was bumpy and fun, and hot. October in Texas.
I also got to pick out my own pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. Here I am running around like a wild man picking the best one.