Sunday, September 09, 2007

Mama went to Washington D.C., and all I got was this lousy t-shirt? Who wants to be president anyway?

I am officially 14 months old. Yes, I'm still entranced with climbing in this cabinet. Mac thinks I'm crazy. Do you think he'd like to join me? Probably not. I don't walk, I run, everywhere. I eat constantly, like 6 meals a day. I still love blueberries and most fruits and veggies, even brussel sprouts. If it's green, I eat it. I don't like to drink milk out a sippy cup, so I still get two bottles a day, in the morning from dada, and at night from mama - I do drink ice water out of a sippy cup like a star. I've started to say the beginning of some words, fi (for fish), Ma! (for Mac), moa (for more), issss (for Uncle Chris) and I-didah (for I did it!). I climb up the stairs and will walk down holding a hand and the stair rails. I LOVE to throw my toys down the stairs - Ga was going to leave them downstairs, but I didn't have any toys left (yeah, right!), so she conceded. I love the outdoors (see next blog entry). I go to the Little Gym on Saturday mornings where I like to hang from the bars and do forward somersaults. I ride on the bike with dada (thanks to Peggy for making sure I get home safe). I also went to my first Irish concert where I saw Danny O'Flagherty sing. When I'm not throwing temper tantrums (oh yeah, I can throw a doosie - mama didn't know they started when babies are so young, and is scared about what the "terrible twos" mean because of my early start), I melt everyone's heart by giving squeezes and making kissy noises. Isn't life grand? What will next month bring?
Sunday with the family Hung out with mama. Gave her lots of hugs and kissey sounds all day to make up for her time away.
Ga and I went out in the yard to tidy up.
We dead-headed the roses. I love to help out. See? How excited am I? I even got to keep a rose.

Chasing after dada.
Time to go in. I got 4 fire ant bites on my hands and feet. I wasn't too bothered, but mama watched me close to make sure I'd be ok.
Poor Mac wanted to join us outside.