Saturday, January 19, 2008

Graduation from bug to beast in Little Gym.
Today was my last day as a bug at Little Gym. When I return next week, I will be a beast. For graduation, my teacher set up a "stage" that we walked across at the end of class. I was so intrigued by the stage, though, that I wouldn't get down, and just watched group time from it.
Miss Angela used me as her demonstrator for the obstacle course.
I wasn't too keen on rolling backwards, but I'll do anything for Miss Angela.
I love ball time. I'm still stealing other kids balls, which mama says we're going to work on. Maybe the beasts will be able to fend for themselves?
And bubbles too! What beats the Little Gym?
Here I am going up the steps to graduate!Hooray, my first graduation. Mama's way more excited than me. She's so proud!
The ribbon says "I'm a star at the Little Gym." How perfect is that, for those of you who know mama's favorite saying. We'll keep you posted on how beasts go...
Thank you for my finger puppets, great grandma Hochmuth!
Mama and I love to read Babybug. I recommend it to all my buddies - ask your mamas for a subscription.
Wii played together...Last weekend, Janet, William and Logan came over to our house. It wasn't long before the adults got the idea to play the Wii.
Dada and William got a mean game of boxing going. Who knew a video game could make you sweat!?
Meanwhile, I was teaching Liam how to jump out of my playhouse. Luckily, he was more interested in the doorbell.
Liam already knew how to climb into the chair, but unlike me, he didn't try to launch himself off of it.
Sweet Liam.

I wasn't all naughty. I am getting to be a good little stacker. These moments of goodness give mama hope.