Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday #3 to Jackson!Yesterday, we went to Jackson's third birthday party. Jackson's mama doesn't mess around when it comes to parties. This year, he had a Pirates and Princesses party. Here's a picture of Jackson with his aunt. Jackson's mama was too busy running around cutting cake and entertaining to stop for a picture, but let me tell you, she looked really hot as a lady pirate! All the kids were to dress up as pirates or princesses. I gave mama WWIII when she tried to get me in this costume (and mama's a little nervous that I'm forever going to have a complex about it). I posed for this one picture at the party, and then promptly changed into my John Deere shirt. As you can see, I was much happier. Luke didn't mind his costume. He kept it on the whole time. We were best friends, jumping up and down in the jumper the whole afternoon. After jumping, we stopped for some lunch - hot dogs and cheetos and other good adult food too. Luke was like "hello, where are those cheetos you promised me???"
Luke's mama Allison and his brother Davis. Dada and Luke's daddy Matt were fishing, so mama tried to help Allison with both boys. Mama's not sure how she does it! And looking good, to boot. Jackson's mama even found a treasure chest pinata. When it finally got busted open, the kids were loving life finding all those candies and collecting them in the bags.
Luke and I checked out the alligator that lives in the pond behind Jackson's grandparent's house. You can see Luke pointing to him. We were on our best behavior for fear that if we were not, we'd be fed to the alligator!

Luke and I shared really well at the party, even these candies. Thanks for a great party, Jackson!