Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mama got some very pretty shoes from Ga for her birthday.

Wee! I am one silly dude these days.
We went down to the beach because everyone knows the Easter Bunny leaves really good treats there.
We spent Saturday on the water.
Drinking sodas (note from mama, the only time we get these sodas is at the beach).
We dug in the sand.
And I ate some sand. Mama thought I would learn if I ate it, but I proceeded to eat more. Gross.
Digging together to China.
ooooh, what is that???!!!
Yes, the ice cream man!!
Nothing better than a beach lunch = ice cream sandwich.
Back at the house and all cleaned up and ready to go.
On Sunday, we took an early golf cart ride with dada while the Easter Bunny hid eggs filled with jelly beans on the porch. We came home and were so surprised that we hadn't seen them on our way out the door. Dada checking out my candy.
Finn's "Mo" basket
Eating jelly bean after jelly bean
Happy Easter Papa/PopPop!
And more jelly beans...
Grands and grandbabies.
Keegan and the Grands.
Toys from our basket - you push them down and then....
POP! Where did it go?
Back at the beach to run off the candy.
A sugar melt down.
How better to spend Easter afternoon?
And why not have another beach lunch while we are at it?!?!
Backyard ninja.
Have to be stealthy.
Slowly, slowly
Anyone here??
Woooo, king of the ninjas!!
Ahhh, the neighbors are home!!!
We filled up the pool, and then convinced our back door neighbors, Kennedy and Carter, to come over to play. We had a great time, followed by pizza, and the adults enjoyed too (too much to take pictures, oops). It's good to have such good neighbors, and super cool Carter and I will start Kindergarten together next year.
Marianne got confirmed (way to go MAM), so Grandma flew down to take care of her grandbabies (US) for the week so Ga and PaPa/PopPop could drive to Missouri. Grandpa flew down Thursday and we all headed down to the beach.
On Saturday, mama, dada and I went for a "family boat ride."
When we got out on the water, I got to try driving.
This way!!
Such fun!
We spent lots of time on the beach soaking up the beautiful weather.
Lots of hours we've spent in this sand at Crystal Beach!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
We dressed in green to celebrate!
Keegan too, posing with a mudpie, of course.
Riding the Jeep!
We don't stay still for long. At all.
Cutting flowers for Grandma coming from Chicago tomorrow, which we forgot to give to her. Oops.
Easily distracted by Keegan's new favorite activity, rolly polly collecting.
Iphone break out of the sun.
One of my most favorite things in the world is "Bee bee", which is any device on which I can watch the You Tube video You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby by Dean Martin with flashing pictures of babies.
And I get really, really, really mad if you take it away.