Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree....Yep, it's that time again...
we even went to the same place again...
to find the perfect Christmas tree again.
And look how far we've come...although I think I may be wearing the same socks...

Add ImageAfter a long week away, Ga returned to take care of me again. Note that I have my own little pan of food here. Now that's service!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Well, mama did it. She cooked Thankgiving, well, everything but the turkey. Grandma from Chicago made the turkey. But, mama made green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, rutabaga, "the best" (really) sweet potato casserole, stuffing, cranberry bread, fresh cranberries, and um, a whole lof of other goodies.
We were very happy to host Randy and Paola (they hosted mama and dada when mama was pregnant with me and hiding it - that's why she didn't drink the Sangria!). Grandma and Grandpa drove to Texas to help take care of me so Ga and Papa could drive to Missouri to see Aunt Brigid and the kids. And mama and dada, looking so happy in the background.
I gnawed on my first turkey bone. Delicious! That brining was really good, Grandma!
Well Gee Whiz kids, let's do this again next year!
The Little Gym Oh yes, I'm still a big fan of Little Gym. My friend Ross is in the picture too. He's cool. He just learned to walk and has to hold his arms out to balance. I am learning to "jump" on the launching pad.
Mama helped me to swing on the bars.
I like to crawl over, under and through. And do it all over again.
One day, Grandma took me to the Gym instead of mama.

Surprisingly, I held Grandma's hand on red mat time, where I never hold mama's. I usually never join the red mat gang. I'm too busy exploring.
Uncle Chris and Aunt Staci came by to visit the weekend before Thanksgiving for the Texans' game - the Texans hammered the Saints. Yeah baby, dada was happy!
Trip to the ZooGrandma and Grandpa took me to the zoo on one of the non-rainy days over Thanksgiving weekend. I rode on the carousel for the first time. I wasn't really sure what to think.
Grandpa took this cool picture of the tiger swimming. Sweet.
Well hello there!

Cheese! Me and Grandpa's favorite animal, the elephant! I don't know who taught me the "cheese" face, but mama says, please cut it out!
At night, Grandma and I watched Charlie Brown Christmas.

And Grandma fed me cherry jello with fruit. Do I have this woman whipped or what? We're working on whipped cream for next time.
Early Chicago Christmas, in Katy, Texas...
Before Grandma and Grandpa left to drive back to Chicago, we celebrated Christmas. I don't know that you are supposed to celebrate it at the end of December, so who cares? Frankly, I was ready for some new toys because you know I don't have enough....
Grandpa made me this beautiful rocking horse. It took him a very long time in his shop. With his grey hair and moustache, you might think he was Santa. I really like to get on it, even though I still need help.
I also got one of these loud noisemakers. I don't understand what the grown-ups are complaining about. It's not that loud, really.
I also got a sled with all the reindeer and of course 'Ho. Yeah, you know who that is! I call him 'Ho.
And the grand finale, the super big Elmo that talks if you push his belly.
Sometimes I prefer to squeeze his nose.
I also got some new duds to wear on Christmas.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa! Can't wait to see you guys in March!