Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Keegan Alexander Pollard Version 3.0
What a day!  Where to begin?  Since Ga already outed me on Facebook this morning, I'll admit I took it easy and slept into 9:15.  No need to be the early bird around here.  Ga made me pancakes with M&Ms.  I ate 3!!!
We went for lunch downtown and picked up mama on the way.  We ate in a restaurant with two stories, so we spied on the people below.  
After lunch, Ga, dada and I went to the Astros game.  I lasted for 5 innings, which is 2 more  than I am now, so I guess that's a success. 
Don't be fooled by this picture.  I sat still for approximately 10 minutes, and then proceeded to circle the stadium twice, stopping at every stand to look for an ASTROS 18 WHEELER, which we found of course.  I am one spoiled boy. 
I was intrigued by and scared of the train with its oranges.  The Astros won 5-0 over the Pirates, but no home runs.  I might have bolted if the train actually went off.  
Of course we visited Ga's brick, which mama and dada bought well before I was born, when this place was called Enron Field!  After the game, we headed home.  I actually went to my room and took a nap for an hour, which is the first nap I've taken since I gave up my "pass" last Sunday.  It was a rough week (ahem, for those of you who told mama it would be 48 hours) and nights at the beach this weekend were AWFUL but we seem to have turned a corner.  Two nights sleeping through the night with no pass.  Keep your fingers crossed.  
Mama woke me up when she got home from work, and gave me more new presents.  I had already got my biggest motor home before we left for the game, and I got 4 more!  Matchbox, Hotwheels, Playmobil, and antique, all ordered off Ebay.   
I also got a car wash to run ALL my cars through.  ALL of them.  And my golf cart, another Ebay purchase.  
Ga and Papa got me a bubble lawn mower and bubble machine.  
We turned on the bubble machine and I danced through the bubbles.  The perfect end to a perfect day.  Happy birthday to ME!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The UPS man came on Monday, just like Grandma said he would, with my birthday presents, and there was no way I was waiting until Wednesday to open them!
I loved my card that sang about three little fishies. 
Ooooh, a car wash to keep all my cars clean!
But wouldn't you know it, my favorite gift is the organic gummies.  Thanks grandma and grandpa!
Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend.  We headed down to the beach the first chance we got.
We packed up the golf cart and headed down to the water. 

We have quite the set up with a canopy, coolers, chairs....
I had lots of fun hanging with mama and dada for the whole weekend.  Good times. 
Giving mama a kiss. 
Dada found a hermit crab and tried to lure him out to show me.  
Ga and I hunted for treasure....
until I heard the ice cream man, and then I took off.  My favorite thing about the beach is the ice cream man!
Papa helped me decide which to get.

I also had some quality car and truck parking time - one of my favorite games.  Dada didn't seem to mind too much. 
Mama!  Enough with the camera already!
Dada hanging out on the 4th of July .  How patriotic!
We went to JB and Becky's house and played with their grandbabies. 
It didn't take us long to decide to get in the pool, so I had to head home to get cleaned up before the fireworks show. 
On the way back to JB and Becky's house, we stopped by my best girlfriend Zoe's house.  Her granddad was setting off fireworks.  When they would go off, I would shout that they were MY favorite color (green) or Zoe's favorite color (purple).  
Back and JB and Becky's I ran around this deck, which goes around the entire house 1,000000000 times.  Really. 
And occasionally stopped to watch a firecracker -- this time with Ga as protector. 
On Sunday we spent some more time at the beach.  These are the good times.