Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy 8 month birthday to me! Today was a very exciting day. Read on to find out all of my accomplishments...
When I woke up from my nap, Gaga found me sitting up in my crib. I can now sit up on my own from the laying down position. I did it again later to prove that it wasn't just luck.
I am eating more and more, and have added new veggies and fruits to my diet - squash, pears, peas, green beans, and even avocado. I also eat organic chicken that Gaga boiled down for me. Sweet potato is still my favorite. Mama loved sweet potato tempura when she was pregnant (and still does), so maybe there's a link.

I am super close to officially crawling and bidding adieu to the crawfish crawl. I can put one hand in front of me, move the other up, then move my back legs up...and then I nose dive. It's hard keepin' this noggin moving. Check back soon.
I can stand at my Leap Frog activity table for a long time, and I'm even daring to let go of the table for as long as I can balance before I fall on my bum. Daddy counted 20 seconds tonight. Gaga says I look like a drunken sailor.

I have two teeth on bottom, and Gaga doesn't think the top two are too far off either.
Mama and I posed for a quick pic.

And I got to play with Daddy. Then, off to bed. What a great day!