Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy ten month birthday to me!
Ga bought me this super cool pool to play in for my birthday. It's already H-O-T in Texas, so I cooled off in the water today. I realized before too long that I didn't have to stay in the pool either.

I'm looking a bit like Mikhail Gorbachev with my bo-bo, but what can you do?

Monday, May 07, 2007

On Saturday, we got to go to a crawfish boil in our friends' neighborhood, Jana, Clint, Madison and Carson. Daddy grew up with Jana in Beaumont. They know mama is a connoisseur of crawdads, and boy did they light her up!
I showed off my walking skills for everyone.
Is this where the crawfish are?
While I was there, I got to meet Conner. Conner's mama Courtney was roomates with Luke's mama Allison, who my mama was friends with in law school (got that?). Last time I was in the neighborhood, Conner was still in his mama's belly.

I tried to explain the ways of the world to Conner, starting with how cool taggies are, like the ones on his stroller.
I got my first official bo-bo on my noggin too. I was showing off walking when I saw this awesome ball. I went down to pick it up, couldn't support my weight with my arms, and took a forehead dive into the concrete. Mama wasn't sure what to do, she felt so bad that I got hurt, but there were lots of other moms there to show her how to clean it with peroxide and put neosporin on. Thanks to those nice ladies. They also told mama that this is my first of many wounds - get used to it! I am a boy after all.