Friday, September 24, 2010

Finn's first trip to the beach
Finn had been to the beach house, but not down to the water, so we packed up a huge bag of stuff, of which we used almost nothing, and let him enjoy some fresh air. He slept like, well, a baby.
Father and son, obviously. No doubt about it.
My new favorite activity at the beach is frog catching. Watch out all you little frogs, because I will find you and catch you and love you until you get so worn out that mama and papa make me let you go. I like to make little homes for my frogs out of Ga's tupperware containers and my little plastic pool.
Papa likes me to catch the frogs and put them in the shower so that they eat the mosquitos.
Happy frog catcher.
MY turn in the boppy! But just to sit. I am not interested in doing what Gummy does in here. When Gummy first came home from the hospital, I asked mama what he was doing when mama put him in the boppy. She said he was eating. I asked, "...sweet potatoes?" Mama and dada about fell out. Another night when Gummy was eating, I asked mama if she was "opening up her breasts for Gummy." Oh my.
Papa used to not hold his grandchildren until they were 6 months old, but I am so cute I got papa to hold me when I was only a couple weeks old. Papa loves Finnegan!
While mama's been home on maternity leave, we've done a lot more cooking. (note the crock pot in the background that has had more action in these past couple of weeks than it's entire life in this house). We really like to make brownies.
And I like to "clean up" the utensils after. Yum!