Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter preparation...
On Saturday morning, mama and I made jello knox blox shaped like bunnies, Easter baskets, and eggs. They did not set really well, so
it was easier for me to slurp them up than pick them up. Plus, it was way more fun.
On Saturday night, the family colored Easter eggs.
I had such a good time coloring eggs. It was fun to mix and match all the colors to see what crazy colors I could come up with.
Mama monitored the egg dying.
See all the pretty colors? Next was putting all the stickers on and finishing up the decorations.
Here's the finished product. The next day, mama used the eggs to try to make egg salad, but despite the recipe being for The World's Best Egg Salad, it was nasty. I'm allergic to eggs anyway, so I wasn't going to eat them.
School Easter party
The Thursday before Easter, we had our school Easter party. We each brought in 12 eggs and an Easter basket.
This is my class, and my teachers Ms. Kathy and Ms. Valerie.
And we're off! I found lots of eggs near the fire pit, and thought it was pretty funny to run through the fire pit too.
My buddy OC did pretty well,
but I rocked! I got 11 of 12 eggs, so only had to get one donation egg.
After we hunted eggs, we went inside for the typical Chick-fil-A tray, grapes and cheese cubes, of which I only ate the grapes, as usual. After, we made bunny cupcakes, like the one above.
Mine didn't quite look like the one above, partially because I kept eating the candy before I used it to make the bunny face. Oops.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Beach weekend with the family
The whole family was at the beach for the weekend, and I ate it up. I asked Grandpa to read me my favorite book, Mater's Tall Tales, when I was taking a break from running up and down the entire length of the porch with my CAT truck.
The houses are really starting to come back at the beach. We were excited because we got to watch the house right across the way have an official wall-raising, and Papa even helped.
It's so good to see all the new houses being built after Ike - there were none after the hurricane. Now, if only we can get that rotten Fema trailer out of the subdivision. Don't worry, we're working on it.
And more building! And one trailer gone! Victory.
I had Grandpa wrapped around my finger. He played match em up cards with me and he played boats on the roaring sea. It wasn't easy with his poor hand all wrapped up, but he made do.
It was windy, but sunny, so I went outside to do some digging.
When we got back to Katy, I discovered that the Easter bunny had come early (since Grandma and Grandpa were in town, and they can't resist a chance to spoil me).
I got all kinds of cool loot, including these very fun rabbits driving a dump truck, a roller, an excavator and a bulldozer. How cool is that? Where does Grandma find these things? I also got a Zhue Zhue pet that cracks me up, and silly putty too. I love to press it on newspaper and see the letters on the putty. This picture also shows the nasty boo-boo on my nose. I was playing in Papa's trailer (which is now off limits) when I tripped and banged my nose on the side of the trailer -- mama was sure I was going for my fourth (yes, fourth) trip to the ER because there was lots of blood immediately, but it stopped pretty quickly and I was asking for treats from Ga.
Grandma gets a kick out of me, can you tell? I eat up all this attention!
No to Nasa
Well don't ask me to justify why President Obama should continue to fund Nasa. It cost us $80 for four adults and me to visit Nasa, and we left after an hour because we were so bored. This was the only picture mama got, which is in a Space Rocket that I didn't even like. Surprisingly, I kept saying that I was scared, which is strange because everyone knows that I'm not scared of anything (well, except for thunderstorms). Luckily, Grandma still took me to the gift store because "she doesn't live close so doesn't get to spoil me often" and so our favorite part of the whole trip was the Astronaut ice cream that we ate on the ferry on the way to the beach.
Happy 35th birthday mama!
Mama got all kinds of great gifts for her birthday. She got nice clothes from Ga and Papa, and from Grandma and Grandpa, and plants and trees from Ga. Grandpa made her a beautiful pair of earrings, and they are even more special because Grandpa had to finish them with 1/2 less a thumb (not from making the earrings though). Dada and I got her smell good stuff for the bath, and a share in a farm in Brenham that will deliver a box of veggies all summer on Thursdays, plus grass fed beef, free range chicken etc. My favorite gift was the Taz monster truck that I bought her - I begged her to open her gifts all through dinner. After she opened Tax, I asked her right away if she would share, and she did!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Ga and I made a green pie for St. Patty's Day. I was a big help. Check out my old school shirt!
While Ga stirred, I tasted.
Then I tasted some more. Here's the final product too. Delicious!
Grandma and Grandpa sent me this scooter for Christmas, but mama and dada put it away until the weather got nicer. It's finally warmer (and yes, this was a few weeks ago), so dada put together the scooter and I love to ride it.
A shout out to my favorite football team, the Texans.
And I am the home field advantage.
After a good scoot around the neighborhood, dada and I "mac'd out" and played a Cars game.