Monday, June 09, 2008

23 MONTHS (and 1 day)

I am officially a nut, no doubt about it. I'm into saying phrases now, over and over again, like "pushin' the button" and "Elephant drivin' the tractor" and "scarin' the light" (translated to "scared of the light", which was the light in the pool at the Y, see below). I am still into all forms of transportation, but tractors, bulldozers and boats are my favorites. I have 3 yellow bulldozers, various sizes, that I try to bring with me all over the house, even the bath. Mama got some new books - Tractor Mac and a bunch of boat books, including Busy Boats -- I would let mama read to me for hours. We are getting ready for our family vacation to Canada - mama's first week off work since she had me. Bring it on!
Mama went to her firm retreat and all I got was this crazy fiberoptic light. I actually really like it. If you press the button, it changes color, and I like to shout them out - GREEN! PURPLE! OOOH, BLUE.
Keegan's kyaking adventure... This weekend, mama had a lawfirm retreat, so I went to the beach with Ga on Friday, and then dada and Uncle Justy met us down there on Saturday. Mama slept in, rafted on the Colorado, went to the spa, the pool, ordered room service, and then joined her buddies for a concert at the resort. She's a very happy lady. Of course dada brought me to the beach, and up top of our agenda was kayaking. I made dada do the heavy lifting.
After catching some waves, I hung out with the guys.

I'm ready to go professional.
Swimming 101 Me and mama and me and ga have been taking swimming lessons at the YMCA from 6:40 to 7:10 when it finally cools off in Texas. I got in trouble for running almost as soon as I got to the pool... Mama wanted to explain that I really just don't have a walking pace, but figured we'll just have to work on that.
Once we got in the pool, all was well, except that I kept trying to drink the water. Mama said "gross, Keegs."
Ga's Gardens... My Ga has a serious green thumb. Just look at her priddy roses.
When I'm not ridin' around...

I'm learnin' to pick only the RED tomatoes, not green (of which there are an abundance, get ready!).

And then poppin' 'em right in my mouth. Delicious.
For those of you that thought mama was just kidding when she says I'm wild...
This was at Cindy and Brittany's graduation party - they are two of dada's dear students, and my babysitters, off to college and we will miss them. Congratulations ladies!!!

I wouldn't stay still in the highchair, so dada and mama alternated walks with me down the strip mall. When it was time to come in for dinner, I threw a total fit (note the redness in my cheeks, just a little?), and then stuffed Chicken Alfredo in my mouth like a madman. Needless to say, mama was a little mortified, and dada as cool as a cucumber.
Show off day in Little Gym. Last Saturday was the last class of the spring session at the Little Gym. We are taking off the summer because we'd rather be at the beach at Ga and Papa's house. I will really miss the bubbles - look how much we love them!

I got a ribbon, which I chewed up shortly after. Can I really be teething again? Are these those pesky "2 year molars"?
Sunny is quite the popular bird - you may have seen Sunny with my friends Liam and Logan, or Jack and Rhys. I fed Sunny watermelon. I was glad I wasn't holding her anymore when Sunny pooped water.