Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm not typically very interested in art (which is probably because I have a hard time sitting in one spot for longer than 8 seconds), but for some reason, I asked mama today if I could paint.  So, out came the paints and I made quite a masterpiece.  Maybe I'm getting geared up for school?  When I went to meet my teachers at school today, they told me they have an easel and we'll paint this year - starting next week on Tuesday!
Dada cutting up....
There is absolutely nothing wrong with drinking chocolate milk out of a margarita glass, just no salted rim. 

Now that the nights are cooler, ha!, we have been spending lots of time in the backyard.  I am very interested in all the bugs in the garden.  
Look at this gross one!  These bugs are running the garden right now.  Next year, we are going to wipe them out....with what, who knows?  Anyone have any organic suggestions? 
Ga's flowers sure aren't suffering!
I like to watch for planes, and then shout out which kind of plane -- Southwest or Continental, depending on what color it is. 
And mama and dada are glad to report, I'm still really enjoying my swing set.  It's not old news yet!
Eating pancakes on Sunday morning with the guys.  Some day I'll get to join in the football draft party the night before too.
Papa came out to visit us last week.  He bought Ga a super fine green golf cart for their 41st anniversary, and had to go to Bryan to pick it up.  Pictures to come after the weekend. 
And Papa brought luck with him, in the form of the Ice Cream [Wo]man.  
Loving eating the bomb pomp up on my "ship", where I watch out for bad pirates and ferries.  
Sweet, sweet mama.  She really does love me, even though after this picture was taken, she sliced my left index finger open....yea, she was cutting up watermelon for me and my friends the Carrs, who were coming down to visit us at the beach for the day, when I came up right behind her and grabbed for a piece on the counter.  Just that fast (snap fingers here), mama sliced my finger open. I only cried for a few minutes, but mama cried for 4 days, and still gets misty about it - motherhood is a great equalizer.  Anywho, mama and dada decided it was time for our third trip to the ER in 3 years, but who's counting?  Some might say it's nice to get time #3 out of the way...  So,  we drove back to Katy, went to Urgent Care, and I got three stitches in my finger - ugly black thread, stinging needle, and wrapped up in a sheet like a convict to try to keep me still.  I was mad, mad, mad and sweat like a stuck pig.  I quickly got over it though, and the stitches were taken out today and all is well.  In fact, I'm wondering what I can do to get myself "hurt" again, so I can keep up the toy-a-day treatment from my family!  Just kidding, really I am, I think.  
Another weekend at the beach?  Oh, yeaaaaa.
I can't wait to take this big boy out someday.  For now, dada uses it to drop bait into the water in hopes of catching a Big Boy redfish. 
My friend Zoe, she's pretty girly. 
Papa loves the beach almost as much as I do.  Well, maybe even more!
Me and Zoe hung out while dada fished. 

Monday, August 24, 2009

It's all about the beach, people, I'm all about the beach.  
Lately I've taken more of an interest in fishing, like my dada.  Our friend Greg was fishing one day, and let me help him pull in loads of fish.  Greg is a super fisherman.  Can you see the catfish we caught? 

I was so excited that I caught the fish.  I knew my dada would be so proud.  Dada's students had testing that day, so dada couldn't join us until later.  
My other favorite thing to do is chase Zoe around, my beach buddy.  She doesn't like to catch fish - when Greg reeled one in for her, she screamed and ran away. 
Zoe is pretty girly, and I'm noticing.  We've already been on our first date - in jammies for a golf cart ride during sunset.  Who's the luckiest guy? 
It is part of my bloodline to have a desire to keep my vehicles clean.  Since I got into the matchbox cars, I have faithfully washed a group of 5-10 of them in the bath tub at night.  I even got a car wash for my cars for my birthday.  Whenever dada goes out on Sunday to wash his vehicle, I'm right there too washing my vehicle.  This time, I picked my super John Deere tractor. 

After I was done washing my ride, I helped dada wash his super big ride - his brand new Dodge Ram with a Hemi.  Dada loved his Jeep, but believe it or not, he gets much better gas mileage in the Ram.  We are a Dodge family now. 

My silly friends at the beach thought it was fun to encourage me to run through the sprinkler after we ate fajitas for dinner.  It did not take a lot of arm twisting. 
My friend Leslie and I danced through the sprinklers.  

Licking the water.  
Summer = beach for the Pollards
We spend almost every weekend at the beach, and I love it.  When we are in Katy, I beg to go to the beach.  I love to take all my vehicles down to the ocean to roll around.  
We've got the set up.  A truck, a golf car, a cooler, some chairs, some shade, and lots of toys.  What more could you want? 
Watching my shadow in the water.
It's summer and Ga and I have been harvesting as much as we can from the garden.  This year was really hot and very dry, not good for our little garden.   The tomatoes and green beans petered out awhile ago, the cucumbers not long after, and now we are left with lots of jalepenos, which is great for all those interested in Jalepeno Jelly from Ellie's Deli.  Oooh, I can taste it now!
Here I am counting the veggies. 
And helping Ga to take the veggies inside. 
When it's too hot to even go outside, Ga and I make cupcakes.