Monday, February 26, 2007

This weekend we travelled to Beaumont to meet baby James. He is the youngest lad in our group, and already is five months! James is very sweet and good natured - Mama doesn't think I was ever that calm. I also got to see the law school ladies and their babes, Kelly (Mom to Hannah), Molly (Mom to James), Stacy (Mom to Jackson), Allison (Mom to Luke) and Barry (hot mama). I had some quality time playing with Luke, since we are only three days apart, but Jackson and Hannah ran circles around us. We all posed for a picture, which is getting increasingly more difficult as we all become more mobile. Can't wait to see you all again soon!

Time for bed. All this playing has me worn out!

I had fun hanging out at my grandparent's house in Beaumont too. I played with Pawpaw on the couch. I also like to stand and balance on a table - look Ma, NO hands. Another favorite activity is drinking from a straw. Grandma says I look like a little bird.

On Sunday, Daddy, Pawpaw and Chris went fishing. Pawpaw caught two big flounder - you can look instead its scary mouth. Everyone but me ate them for lunch. Mama says I'm not ready to eat fish.

Eeewww Daddy, that fish stinks. But can I go fish with you next time anyway? I bet my buddy Luke would like to go too.
Hanging out with Mama.
I finally got to meet Ms. LaRue. She is a special friend of Grandma, Mama and Daddy. She has lots of her own kids and grandkids, but she liked hanging out with me. She says she can't decide who I look like.

I also got to hang out with Grandma's work friends, Amie, Eoline and Nancy. They played with me and called me a little monkey.