Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Awww. Keegan had his (not quite) eight week old well baby checkup today and got three shots. Poor kid has two big band-aids on his little legs, and was not and has not been very happy since. It's going to be a rough day for both of us. His doctor detected a small heart murmur, but says it is no cause for concern and that he will probably grow out of it eventually. Keegan is still a tiny baby - wjp would would have thought that would be the case with Angus and me as parents? He is only 10th percentile for weight, 14th for height and, of course, 25th for his head (now that's a Pollard trait for sure!). The doctor wasn't worried that he is small, and anticipates that he'll "catch up" to his friends eventually. As far as having colic, which is no fun, he'll grow out of that too - we only have to wait until month three or four for that!  Posted by Picasa

On Monday, Angus, Keegan, Justin and I headed to Beaumont so that Angus could participate in his fantasy football draft at the Howells' house. Dave and Michelle Howells are very good friends from Beaumont - Dave runs the Beaumont TaeKwonDo Academy, and Michelle does all the TaeKwonDo Academy artwork and graphic design. The boys made their football pics in an internet chat room (displayed on the screen behind Michelle and Keegan), which Michelle, Stacie and I hung out with Keegan. Michelle has three kids, Sasha, Jack and Rhys, so she knew just how to keep Keegan calm. Now that Angus and I have a kid, we can hang out with the Howells and their kids a lot more.  Posted by Picasa

The Howells' dog Zoe dressed in her TaeKwonDo uniform.  Posted by Picasa

Chris' girlfriend Stacie took a turn with Keegan. Stacie just started her first teaching job in Beaumont. Keegan will have all the math and science help he needs in a few years.  Posted by Picasa

Keegan attended his first TaeKwonDo tournament in the Woodlands this weekend. He was very well behaved in front of all of Angus' TaeKwonDo friends - no knuckle pushups for Keegan this time! Posted by Picasa