Thursday, May 08, 2008

22 months (yikes, almost 2 years old!)

Today was my 22nd month birthday. Time flies when you're having fun, and let me tell you, I'm having a ball. Watch what you say around me, because I repeat everything, even sentences now, like "Keegan, what are you doing???", which I hear mama say a lot. She calls me a nut. I love to jump, especially off things like the couch and sofa. I used to at least cushion my fall with pillows, but I'm much braver now. I stand on the edge of the couch, turn around and say "bye", and jump off. Poor mama and ga's hearts are getting stronger, or weaker, by the day. I love all vehicles, especially BIG BOATS and BIG TRACTORS. I'm also a fan of the bulldozer, planes and trains. Speaking of, my favorite books right now are The Little Engine that Could and Curious George (aka monkeys). At the end of the books, I say "again"? Mama usually falls for it. I love to eat "mummies" (aka gummy fruits) and drink "juice" (water with lemon slices) - the old staples of tomatoes, squash and berries are good too. Still love pa-cicles (popsicles), even if I do have to endure getting my nails cut some of the time to get one.

We're headed to the beach this weekend to finish painting. I'm sure I'll be a huge help.

Mama had to take a moment to brag on Peepaw....he made this plate out of glass for mama's birthday. Peepaw used to turn wood into beautiful bowls, but once he mastered that medium, he moved on to glass. We're all wondering what he's going to work with next, as it's pretty clear he's on his way to mastering glass as well. Isn't this piece stunning?

Playing in the fountains
Yesterday I was so well behaved that Ga rewarded me by taking me to La Centerra outdoors mall in Katy to play in the fountains. First she made me pose for this pic.
WOW! Check this out.
There was no use trying to keep me dry. Ga said she was going to wring me out. My shoes are still wet!

All good things must come to an end, but mama thinks we'll spend lots more time here this summer as it's right around the corner from our house.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Welcome Davis Matthew Byman!!!
My buddy Luke (born three days after me) welcomed his little brother Davis today. All went well and mama and baby are doing great. We will post pictures when we have a good shot of the little guy. For now, congrats to the Bymans and we can't wait to see you on Sunday!
The happy couple are cranking along on the beach house. A lot of rooms are painted and all the flooring is down. Mama and dada are going down this weekend to, cross your fingers, finish up the painting. After that it's moving time. Remember, mark your calendars for the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend - the official kick off party!!!
Shower for Shooter. This weekend, mama and dada hosted a couples shower for Troy and Jordan (the ones on the small couch). Troy and mama were summer clerks together and have worked together ever since at Baker. Mama likes Troy because he has funny stories about growing up in west Texas. Jordan is from Texas too, but she is what Troy calls a "hippie", so mama and Jordan get along great. The shower went really well and everyone seemed to enjoy mama's food. When Jordan opened her gifts, however, mama had quite a surprise and shock when one of the partners from the firm gave the baby a BB gun for a gift, hence the nickname "Shooter". This was the first shower that mama went to where the unborn child got a gun - I guess they do things differently in Texas.
I was excited to wake up on Sunday to all the leftover balloons. Check out my new kicks. Real big boy shoes.
Fun stuff!
Mama bought these cool new blue margarita glasses for the shower, and when I saw them I begged for mama to put some water in so I could try them out. Going...
Going.... Gone. Ahhhh.
More please.
Dada's home! My dada went to a tournament last weekend, and I was so glad when he got home. Mama and I kicked it, but it's just not the same without him around. I know mama's faking it when she pretends to get excited reading the fishing magazines (see below for evidence) where clearly dada loves to read them. I was yelling "big boat" "big boat" "big boat", and dada was saying "soon enough" "soon enough" "soon enough". Stay posted.
I am all about the puzzles right now, and have mastered them so well that mama invented a game where she takes the pieces from all five puzzles, dumps them in my wagon, and then I have to figure out what puzzle they go into. I can spend literally an hour doing this, as long as I have my trusted spider man sippy cup.