Monday, March 19, 2007

On Sunday afternoon (after mama and daddy got done riding 50 miles in prep for the MS150), we went to the Conway's house to enjoy the beautiful Texas weather. The Howells were visiting too, so we got to hang out with all the TaeKwonDo folk and their kids. It was a busy place, and lots of fun.

Everyone was surprised at how much I've grown. Now I can stand at a table and play with toys instead of just laying down all the time.
Sweet Peggy. She just loves to squeeze on me and give me kisses and hugs. I love hanging out with her. Don't worry Peggy - I'll come back soon to visit!
The men were just chillin' by the pool side drinking some brewskis. Some day I can hang out with them.

Michelle and Sasha helped me to kick my first Superman soccer ball, and really, this may become my career in life. Watch out Pele. Rhys brought me the ball, Sasha lined it up just so, and Michelle helped me to kick my legs. And I gave them super big belly laughs in return. It won't be long at all before I can fit into the awesome soccer cleats they gave me when I was born.

Sasha and Ashley played ball with me too. I love going to the Conway's.

Daddy's been feeding me veggie bites. We make mama very proud.
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!
I wore my new green shirt from Gaga. It says "Big Horn", just like my Pawpaw's truck.

Well dressed, right down to the finery...Tis Himself.
Maybe it's the green shirt, maybe it's the Irish spirit, or maybe Grandma finally wished hard enough for A RED HEADED GRANDSON!!!