Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Eve
Today was sledding day. I'd been hearing all about this sledding thing for weeks -- mama read books, grandma talked about it on the phone, but it's one of those things you have to experience. Jamie pulled me on the sled to the hill, so I could conserve my energy.

This is it, the neighborhood sled hill. It shoots down fast, bumpy, through a tunnel of lake reeds, and then out on the frozen lake, covered by snow.
Grandpa gave me a pep talk for my first ride.
Then Katie pushed me and Uncle Billy DOWN THE HILL!!!!Weeee, all the way on to the lake.
I survived my first sled run!
Mama, not so much.
After sledding, we walked over to the playground. It's a little strange having to wade through 8 inches of snow to play...
Carry me, mama!
After lunch, chill time, and Church (where I got to very slightly misbehave in front of my Uncle Billy who is an assistant pastor during Christmas Eve service, hehehehe), we opened presents, except for those from Santa, which come on Christmas day, of course.
Grandpa out did himself once again this Christmas. He made the ladies amazing beach glass jewelry; meemaw's bracelet is actually made from stones from their trip to Italy this year. Mama got another amazing iridescent turned wood bowl. Dada got grandpa's first endeavor at a nutcracker, which is absolutely incredible. And, I got a beautiful fish puzzle. Grandpa is Santa's best elf. Uncle Billy had fun buying for his nephew, including a hockey stick and jersey for the Minnesota Wild. Ya never know...
Jamie and Katie had their socks knocked off by their gift, the Wii. Fun for the whole family. Mama is the #1 bowler, even if dada wins sometimes.
Even Lefty dog had a good Christmas. Bones, chew toys and all.
On Christmas day, Katie took a break from helping out with breakfast to read me a Wonder Pets story that Santa left for me. This year was all about the Wonder Pets -- I got a flyboat with figurines of Linny, Tuck and Ming-Ming, books, colorforms and even the Wonder Pets Save the Nutcracker DVD. Santa hooked me up.

We all enjoyed a big breakfast, and Aunt Kristen was Queen of the Table. She cooked a delicious breakfast, which included a delicous jelly bread roll that mama wasn't allowed to touch since she tried to bake one earlier in the week with the plastic wrap still on. Live and learn.
Friday, December 26, 2009Mama took Jamie and Katie shopping, so I stayed behind to help Uncle Billy shovel. He shoveled off the sidewalk, and I shoveled it back on the sidewalk, big help. Notice Grandpa's new license plate in the background...he had ARBA, the name of his business, for years. Upon retirement, now he's got FGHOG --Fat Gray Haired Old Guy. The guys built a snow-dog, spots and all. I made my first snow angel.
And took a walk with Uncle Billy in the woods.
This wood isn't for the fire inside. Oh no, that fireplace is automatic - you just push a button. This wood is for the bonfire pit behind the house. S'mores anyone?
And just like that, our vacation was over and it was time to pack my matchbox cars in the carrying case Santa brought to me, and head for Texas. It was fun, y'all.

We'll be back in 2012 (if not before!)!!!!