Sunday, August 19, 2012

It was a week before my birthday, and so hot outside, that mama decided to let Finn and me open our gifts from grandma and grandpa early.  

Yes!  The Ninjago board game!  

This was the first year I asked mama to let me use some of the money for toys, instead of all for College.  Mama reluctantly agreed.  
Cozy Finn, waiting to open his "because it's Keegan's bday" gifts. 

 A fun dinosaur puzzle!  I'm so into dinosaurs right now.

Keegan's present from the Minnesota Hochmuths.  Uncle Billy can't wait for his nephews to visit at Christmas.
The tomato plants were a big bummer this year.  We didn't plant until too late, and then it was hot, no rain, and so we ended up with one measly tomato that I picked one evening and ate on the spot.  We'll try again another year.


Mama took her first girls' trip weekend away to Atlanta since Finn was born to celebrate Aunt Shannon's bday. 
 The ladies had a blast!