Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Guess what? Happy birthday Grandpa! The big "6-5" is finally here!
Thank you Lori and John!They brought me this gift on Saturday, but with all the excitement, I didn't open it until Monday morning.
I love, love, love my baseball game. It makes good noises and plays music. Sometimes I cheat a little and just press the button to get it to make noise. But sometimes...

I hit it out of the park!!! Ka-BAM. Watch out Berkman, I'm coming to get you!
Welcome home from California, Papa!On Saturday, we invited some friends over for a fish fry, beer, wine....and bottles. There were a lot of babies! I got to see my buds Luke, Liam, Logan, Carson and Madison. It was a blast. This is Liam with his mama and grandma. He liked to play with my fishing reel. Someday my dada is going to take us fishing.
Al, Matt and Luke came too. Luke is such a ham. He kept us all entertained.
The mamas got an idea that we should all pose for a picture, so they lined us up on the couch. You can see my mama's head behind us. She was on safety duty.
What's up, Luke?
It was really good to see Lori. Hope we see you again soon!
Sorry there are no pictures of Papa - he was too busy playing chase with me. Hopefully we'll get some soon.