Monday, May 12, 2008

Priddy powers! The yard is looking awfully colorful these days.
The garden has taken off. We've had a mess of green beans several times, and Ga is storing them for the winter. I'm a big help in the garden.
Remember how mama posted that I love to jump. Here is an action shot caught by Ga this afternoon. Note that not a single part of my body is touching the slide. I like to stand at the top, jump off, and hope that I hit a little bit of slide on the way down. Poor Ga. I tell her the Leprechauns make me do it.
Feeding on green beans to gather my strength. Check them all out!
Trip to visit Luke and baby DavisOn Sunday, we stopped at the Bymans for a quick visit on the way home from the beach. Mama wanted to meet Davis, Luke's little brother. Davis' bilirubin count is high, so he needed to tan. Mama was happy to hold him outside in the sun to help out the Bymans. Nothing like a warm baby. Look at him, looks like he's grinning!
Sweet baby Davis.

See ya later Luke! Catch you on the fly by.
Uh oh! It's Mothers Day 2008 and we forgot to take a picture of me and mama! Mama took a picture of her favorite boys though, drinking coffee and milk respectively on the porch at the beach.

Right after breakfast, we all went back to work painting - me with water on the porch.
Beach days....
On Friday afternoon, Ga and I went down to the beach while dada and papa took a break from their painting and fished.
I was very into picking up seashells, which is now another word in my vocabulary. Ga tried to trip me up by telling me about some girl named Susie selling seashells, but I just didn't get it.

Seashells travel well and provided good amusement the rest of the weekend.
My papa got a new lawnmower for down at the beach. He can cut the grass fast. I begged and begged for a ride. At first, I called it a tractor, but now I know the difference between a tractor and a lawnmower.

Papa figured as long as I was doing the driving, he could have a beverage to stay cool.