Monday, July 23, 2012

Hanging with the Martins

Believe it or not, these are all the pictures of the 2012 Martin Trip.....
 Aunt Bridey enjoying her time with her favorite nephews, and Ga with all four of her grandbabies.

 Our sad attempt at a grandbaby picture for Ga, since Keegan blew this year's JC Penney picture.

Keegan's Preschool Gradulation

I rocked my way out of preschool just like I rocked it all through my four years. 

Very proud graduate, with very proud parents.

Mother's Day weekend in Port Aransas

To celebrate Mother's Day weekend, the whole family, including Ga and Papa piled into the van to caravan to Port Aransas.  We stayed at a resort with a BIG pool.  Finn was a little unsure of the pool. 
 Me, not so much.

 Drink anyone?
 We had a nice porch to play on.  Bunny, blankie and pa-panda (ask Brenden) enjoyed it too.
 The view.
 The hotel brought out smores on Saturday night.  Dee-licious.

 We didn't get enough water at the hotel, so we had to play on the slip and slide back home.

Uncle Chris came to visit.  He thought I was a hoot.  Can't see why.

Board Break A Thon

This year we raised money for a library.  My grandparents bought me a bunch of boards to break.

 No joke.
Big success.

Canadian Family in Texas

Uncle Peter and cousins Sean, Sarah and Lindsay came to visit.
 They clearly didn't enjoy the sun and sand at all.  Canada in spring is a little different than Texas.
 Big surprise, I hunted for creatures and found tons and tons of baby clams.
 I recruited the troops to hunt with me.

 Uncle Peter started his grand sand castle.
 We narrowly avoided El Destructo (aka Finn).
 Lots of baby clams....
 that we released.
 Aunt Ellie and her favorite nephew (this trip).
 Good times. Y'all are welcome anytime!

Keegan's Tiger Cub Red Belt Testing

Officially a Tiger Cub Black Belt.  Next up, Tiger Cub Graduate, and then on to the Juniors program.