Thursday, May 11, 2006

Farrell and Grandma Jean talking about how much fun this will all be next year chasing baby ?? around. If he is anything like his dad or grandpa Bill he will probably be climbing in the tank with the fish. Posted by Picasa

FAH and PAH at Moody Gardens Posted by Picasa

Fun in the sun and seaweed. Where is your suit Al? Posted by Picasa

The first batch! How do they look Mom? Posted by Picasa

Awesome job on the crawfish this year dad. They were great!  Posted by Picasa

Keeping an eye on the pot. Posted by Picasa

Grand Pah Pollard giving everybody instructions on how to eat crawfish. I think Johnny and Sonja had some lessons earlier. Eric was a quick learner. He dropped the NY accent real quick and started speaking cajun. Posted by Picasa

FAH and Grandpop Hochmuth Enjoying Crawfish.  Posted by Picasa