Friday, August 01, 2008

Happy second birthday Liam!Liam is just about three weeks younger than me. While dada had testing at his school for his students, mama and I went to the Alden house (see link above right) for Liam's birthday party. Liam is very into Thomas the Train. So is my friend Luke. I'm still into tractors and construction equipment. Liam had cool toys - it was so exciting to see all the different stuff!

Mama thought it was very cool that Liam and I almost, kinda, sorta played together. Just a little. Most kids my age play "side by side", but that will continue to change. In a few years, we'll be playing at the beach together.
Mama's friend Sandy sent me this ultra hip sushi puzzle all the way from Chicago for my second birthday. Mama is really excited to see Sandy, and hopefully we will all get to meet Noelle and Melissa, in September in Chicago.
I love that you can arrange the pieces in so many different patterns. Hamachi, tako, maguro, tekka maki, kappa maki, wasabi...
We had a visit from some more of mama and dada's buddies, Dave and Sher. They came by to see me, of course, and see dada's boat. David and dada went fishing the other day and caught some trout. We don't eat them, though, because there are warnings about Galveston Bay's PCB levels. Gross.
It's official, I'm allergic to...

[in most severe order] PEANUTS (I have an epi pen and everything), egg whites (which makes sense because I've never eaten eggs when offered), cats, and molds. Interestingly, no pollens, which doesn't explain my nose running. But I am now taking Nasonex and we are going through 100 less boxes of clean-ex every week. It's unbelievable how much it has helped.

Pictured above, I ate something, mama can't remember what right now - GA, what was it? - but was fine. Ga took the picture so we could show the doctor, but we forgot to bring it...oops.

REMINDER FRIENDS AND FAMILY - NO PEANUTS FOR ME!!! Just like dada, peepaw and uncle Billy.

'Cause I'm a cowboy... Eatin gummies...'Climbin in the oven drawer...

Makin' mama crazy.
Every year for the last three years, "Aunt" Shannon has come to Texas - when mama was prego with me, when I was almost one, and now, when I just turned two. We are long-time buds. We hung out before I was even born!

Sha, as we call her, is a pilates instructor and chiropractor in Atlanta. She is one of the only people mama knows that has a more rockin' body now than when she was in college! Sha and mama met in college - there are so many memories.
On Sunday morning, mama and Sha's college buddy Ruthie came over to visit. Ruthie and mama were in a play together in college when Ruthie was a Senior and mama was a Freshman. They kept in contact a little after graduation, but eventually lost touch. After mama got married to dada (after dating almost ten years since mama was 18 in college, dada was a junior), she began thinking about old friends from college, and Ruthie, her dear buddy, came to mind. Mama found an old email address and gave it a shot. Ruthie emailed back to say "I LIVE IN HOUSTON!!!" The rest is history. How cool is that?
While the ladies chatted it up, seriously, I kept cool with Mickey.
Eat your heart out ladies -- check out my lashes. Oh, how mama wishes she had them. I got them from dada.

And all good things have to come to an end. I hated to see these ladies go!
Mama and I visited the Seven Lakes community pool. I ran, literally, between the beach entrance pool, to the sprinklers, to the baby pool for an hour. Mama, who had quite a workout actually, must have said "walk" a thousand times if she said it once. But, mama felt validated that night when she heard me talking myself to sleep over the baby monitor.
I said "mama WALK hold hand."
We're making progress.

I have my sights on that slide. Maybe in a couple years.

Very GQ.