Monday, December 24, 2007

My Aunt Bridey is here! She indulged me in a long walk around the neighborhod last night to see all the lights. I think I've got her convinced to go again tonight!
Holiday tradition #1 - taking pictures with ho ho ho at Bass Pro. Yes, we live in the country (who ever thought mama would say that?), so every year mama, dada and I go to the local Bass Pro Shop to take pictures with you know who. My cousins got here yesterday, so they joined us for the extravaganza.
Mama was a little nervous that I would throw a fit because all of my friends weren't too happy sitting on Santa's lap. I was not my usual chipper self, I took the experience very seriously, but all in all, it went well.
We even took a picture of all three of us for Grandma, just chillin' outside of Santa's fishing shack and in the boat.

Job well done!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Well Dada finally got his Racing Pictures up from Las Vegas. I sure hope that he is faster in a race car than he is at blogging.

Here is a picture of Dada and Uncle Billy. Are you sure you are going racing? Those suits sure look a lot like my P.J's.
For everybody that is watching this web blog and paying attention.....this is what I want for my sixteenth birthday. Notice that this one has two seats..very important when going out on dates!

Here is Dada getting his final directions before heading out on to the track.

Go Dada go!!! 150 miles per hour!!! Does that thing have a HEMI in it???

Here is a picture of him coming into pit row. Probably a good thing he showed some restraint and passed on doing do-nuts in the infield after his race.

Way to go Dada. Watch out Helio.. you've been spending too much time dancing with the stars.. Dada is coming for your ride and contract!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Going to the Byman's for Christmas. I love the holidays, because it means getting together with friends. The Bymans have their tree unguarded - our tree is behind a coffee table. So, I was a little grabby for the ornaments. To distract me, Mr. Matt hooked up the train.
How cool is that? Luke drives the train, but doesn't ever try to grab for it. I think my parents are going to work on my baby skills in that department (and throwing things over the baby gate and down the stairs - I think they are serious this time!).
The Byman's house is fun!
Eventually we made our way upstairs, so that even I couldn't really get into anything I wasn't supposed to (minus the droppin things over the baby gate, see above). Luke has an even better "family man" room than I do. And his bedroom has cool toys too. Luke even let me borrow some toys. He rocks.
From left to right: Luke, Allison, baby Byman boy #2, Keegan. Ms. Al, you look awesome. We are so excited to watch your family grow!

Our families went to a local burger joint for dinner, complete with an outdoor playground. Ironically, it was the coldest it's been in Texas this winter, and the wind was whipping. After dinner, we packed up, headed back to Katy, where I slept like a champ, as usual. Christmas is right around the corner!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Doctors, blagh!
I've had enough of doctors for awhile, thank you very much. Last Wednesday, I got a fever, which broke on Thursday morning, but left me all out of sorts, including having a rash all over my legs and sores in my mouth and throat. Dr. Gordon sent me home with instructions to switch out Ibuprofen and Tylenol every four hours. By Saturday, I was feeling much better. I even went to Little Gym, having been temperature free for over 48 hours. Mama and I came home, ate some breakfast, and just before I was to go upstairs for my nap...BAM...

I crashed into the dining room table. Kabam! Mama and I spent the next three hours in Urgent Care, where they dermabonded my eye back together. The only really horrible part was when they wrapped me up like a mummy so that I would let the doctor clean it out and put the dermabond on. Other than that, no biggie, and I got my first sucker out of it. Overall, though, I'd give up the sucker for no more doctors for awhile!

Now I'm helping Ga and Mama recover from my virus. Everyone's just glad they are getting the sick thing out of their systems before Xmas. Ho ho ho is coming to town soon!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Waiting on ho ho ho.
Chewing on ice cubes in this mesh bag sucky thing because my teeth are driving me nuts....
Getting hugs from mama helps too.
Uncle Chris and Staci came out this weekend to go to the Texans' game - and they won, so everyone was in a swell mood. I was just chillin with CT, while he fed me "phishies" from the pile on his belly.
Slip slidin' away
Grandma and Grandpa sent me a new slide for Christmas. Staci helped mama put it together this weekend so I could play outside in the 80 degree Texas weather. (Christmas next year in Minnesota is going to be a lot different!)
Look mama, one hand!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! Love you!
Time to decorate the Christmas tree.
Hmmmm.... Santa goes here...
And just like that...(isn't this a cool picture?)

And the tree is ready for me to pull everything off. Hooray!
Check this out - we have a ho ho ho in our front yard. Every night I beg by the front door "side", "side" so that mama will take me out side to give ho ho ho a high five. I hear this is the guy I've got to butter up so I get lots of presents! (not that I haven't had my share already!) Mama had to post this pic so you can see the t-shirt dada bought me in Vegas. Furrari - HAH! Can you see the dog? I think it's smashing with the ho ho ho hat.
Speaking of docs, Mac is hiding from me. Guesss who's chasing who these days?
Couples weekend in Vegas, babyThe weekend after Thanksgiving, Grandma and Grandpa headed up to Minnesota to take care of Jamie and Katie, Ga and Pawpaw stayed in and headed to Katy to take care of me,
and Uncle Billy, Aunt Kristen, dada and mama met in Vegas for some adult time.

The lights were amazing...
The architecture incredible...
and the fireworks rocked!While dada and Uncle Billy sped around the race-track, the ladies shopped 'til they dropped. Check out those christmas tree balls - Vegas is no joke!And then they shopped some more. Funny, I only wound up with a t-shirt.
On Sunday night, my folks got cleaned up and went to dinner at Bellagio's FIX and saw Cirque du Soleil's "O".
Everyone was looking sassy! The eats at FIX were great all around - from "Very Adult Macaroni and Cheese" (gruyere cheesey deep fried sticks), to steaks, to poke sashimi, to wedge salads. Dada had kobe beef mini hamburgers. How happy does he look?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree....Yep, it's that time again...
we even went to the same place again...
to find the perfect Christmas tree again.
And look how far we've come...although I think I may be wearing the same socks...

Add ImageAfter a long week away, Ga returned to take care of me again. Note that I have my own little pan of food here. Now that's service!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Well, mama did it. She cooked Thankgiving, well, everything but the turkey. Grandma from Chicago made the turkey. But, mama made green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, rutabaga, "the best" (really) sweet potato casserole, stuffing, cranberry bread, fresh cranberries, and um, a whole lof of other goodies.
We were very happy to host Randy and Paola (they hosted mama and dada when mama was pregnant with me and hiding it - that's why she didn't drink the Sangria!). Grandma and Grandpa drove to Texas to help take care of me so Ga and Papa could drive to Missouri to see Aunt Brigid and the kids. And mama and dada, looking so happy in the background.
I gnawed on my first turkey bone. Delicious! That brining was really good, Grandma!
Well Gee Whiz kids, let's do this again next year!