Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy, happy second birthday, Laurence!
Mama's good friend Tess's second son Laurence turned 2 yesterday. Tess had a party to celebrate, and then flew to Las Vegas to be a voter protection person - how cool is that? I loved playing with Liam and Laurence's vehicle collection, which mama was astounded, beats mine by 10x. Maybe I can have a little brother someday, as that would surely increase my collection...
Here's Tess and Laurence's older brother, Liam. I was very interested in the cake - another Thomas cake!
I got to ride on the boys' Jeep too.

But of course my favorite was the trampoline. I'm serious, guys, I would jump all day and all night if mama would let me. Can you hear me telling Liam "get up Liam, get up." Mama laughed at my funny little running legs.

Happy Halloween Harry!
Well Harry, it was finally time to do your 'thang -- scare all the poor kids in the neighborhood because despite the fact that I think you are pretty cool, those other kids don't. Oh well, more candy for me!
Dada took me around the neighborhood to trick or treat (mama's car got hit on the way home from work, so she was late for the festivities). I would say "trick or treat" all the way down the street, but only said "please" when I got to a door. Good manners gets you more suckers.
And let me tell you, I L-O-V-E suckers!
The whole family splurged on Sonic burgers and fries for dinner, served on Grandpa's fancy plates because he's always complaining that no one "uses" his art. Is this what you were thinking of Grandpa?
And then it was time for more suckers. Whee!
Dada and I got bored on Friday afternoon, so we went to buy a new toy. I am just getting really into trains (which mama blames on the several Thomas birthday parties we've attended recently), so that's what we got.
I so enjoyed my new train that I actually sat still and watched it.
Around and around.

I even wore my conductor hat, courtesy of James's birthday party.
Crazy Randy's grandaughter Kamryn came over for a visit. I tried to be good and let her play with my baby toys.

And I was sweet and gave her a kiss. I got more than I bargained for!
Take a trip to the playground... The weather has been awesome, so we've been exploring the neighborhood parks. Mama and dada took me here after we went pumpkin picking one morning.
I'm still a big fan of the swing.

And I love to climb up the slides. Good thing we were the only peeps at the playground!