Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy Halloween everyone!  This year I decided that I wanted to be a bat.  Not Batman, or Batboy, just a bat.  I read some books from the library about bats, and that gave me the idea. Ga sewed beautiful black silky material on a shirt to make wings.  I even wore a bat mask.  
I posed with Headless Harry in the yard for a picture.  A few years ago, Papa bought him for me and now mama and dada dread when he comes out at Halloween time - they aren't fans at all.  But I love him.  I beg for Ga to plug him in and then I throw everything I can in front of him to trigger him to lift his head off his shoulders and make his scary loud laugh.  Most kids would be scared of him, but he's my buddy.  
Dada took me on my first trip trick or treating while mama waited at home to pass out candy (and eat 100 Reese's peanut butter cups - in her defense, I couldn't eat them anyway).
Unpacking my loot.  The people in Seven Meadows are no joke!  Good stuff. 
But really, I'd rather just have ice cream.  
This is the second year I got to participate in the Noah's Ark Parade at school.  All the kids dress up as animals and we parade around the lobby.  Mama and Ga say it is really cute. 
I wore my bat costume that Ga made for me - thanks Ga!  Here I am with Ms. Valerie.  She held my hand super tight, because
as soon as she let it go, I ran over to mama!
I have a crush on the bumblebee, Sarah Jane, even though she towers over me. 
A muddy night at the beach
One weekend, we got a bunch of rain at the beach, and I watched with interest as a big mud hole formed at the end of Ga and Papa's beach house.  It was then that I decided that I would get in that mud hole.  I come by this honestly -- mama spent lots of time digging in the mud as a kid. 
I started with a toe, then a foot, and before mama knew it, my shoes were buried in mud.  
Who could get mad at a face like this?  For long at least. 
My class at school has a mascot -- Mona the monkey.  Each week, a different kid gets to bring Mona home for the weekend.  Mona has a book where each kid writes stories about the adventures they had with Mona.  I thought it would be neat to bring Mona to the beach. 
Here she is hanging with her banana for breakfast. 
Mona took her first ride on the Galveston ferry.  It was such a pretty day out!
Ga and I had a good time getting ready for Halloween.  Ga dug out all her cool holiday goodies, including a tic tac toe game with pumpkins and skulls.  I'm not bothered at all by all the skulls and other freaky Halloween stuff.  In that regard, I definitely take after the Pollards more than the Hochmuths.