Monday, September 08, 2008

26 months and first day of school

I saw Luke's picture on his blog, and dada said that all kids take their "first day of school" picture at the front door, so here I am too. I wanted to pose with my bulldozer, so mama and dada let me, but I wasn't allowed to bring it to school, not until show and tell. I did sneak bear and pass in with my tote for naptime though. I didn't sleep long, but frankly, everyone was surprised I slept at all with my recent transition to the big boy bed. My new nap roll proved to be worth every penny of the small fortune mama and dada paid for it, plus monogramming, on all my school equipment, lunch box and tote included. Phew, who knew you needed so much stuff for school?

Today my favorite word when I got home was "no". If I said it once, I said it 2 million times. I guess because I didn't say it at school (mama's hoping), I had to make up for it at home. I really said it a lot after I crashed out at 5 and Ga woke me up at 7. Obviously, we need to work on my schedule.

Speaking of, good night!

On Sunday, dada and I made my first "Take and Make" for school. Mama and dada thought they were done with homework, but I'm going to give them a run for their money.
The theme was "Summer was fun, but now it's done." Mama printed off a bunch of pictures from Canada, mostly of me on the various tractors.
Dada cut them into cool shapes, which I arranged on the paper (you know I'm all about lining things up), and mama taped them down.

Ta da! Here's the finished product. I think we ALL deserve an A+.