Sunday, January 16, 2011

Look who has 2 teeth! They came in 1, 2 - just like that - one on Monday, one on Wednesday! For weeks I was drooling, super drooly, and my parents and Ga wondered if I was just going to always be drooly or if there were teeth causing it, and here they are. And I'm not very happy about it = crabby baby. I have had my first couple doses of Tylenol, which doesn't seem to help very much. Orajel is useless too.
In other news, I am now 5 months and 10 days. I have been laughing for a long time now, like for 8 weeks - big belly laughs that make mama feel on top of the world. She wants to post the videos she's taken on her flip camera, but she can't figure it out and can't be bothered with that now that she's back at work. I really love "how much does mama love you?" and when she pretends to sneeze - she can always get a laugh out of me with those tricks.
I won't take a bottle, absolutely won't. I had to when I was just a week old and not gaining enough weight - but only for 5 days - but I didn't have one since then and I would not take one, even when mama went back to work. The family tried 7 kinds - all the BPA frees, then just bottles, then the old fashioned yellow nipple kinds - but nothing worked. I just will not take one. My doctor told mama that if I wouldn't take 7 different kinds, then I just wouldn't take the bottle. So, Ga had to feed me with an eye dropper for the first few weeks mama when went back to work. Ga is the best. Mama worried that I was starving, so one night when I was chomping my jaws while watching mama eat, she gave me a green bean to chew on, and then a little mashed potatoes. The next day, Mama called the doctor and the doctor said to go ahead with feeding me food, since I was stubborn with the bottle. Life has been pretty good since then - I started with brown rice cereal, and then worked up to butternut squash (from the farm), apples, blueberries, pears and prunes. I like to eat frozen blueberries, ice cubes and grapes in the little pouch, since they feel good on my teeth. Mama and Ga are trying to teach me to drink from a sippy cup, but it's slow going. Who knew the bottle made life so much easier? I still love to nurse and can nurse and nurse and nurse. I'd nurse all night if mama would let me. She is pretty worn out, but knows that this is the last baby she will have, so tries really hard to appreciate the time we have together.
I still love taking baths, and sometimes mama feeds me in the bath since she can clean me right up after. I don't mind the lotion like Keegan did. I do not like getting dressed after the bath. Arm holes are the worst.
Just like my brother, I loved the pack and play diaper changer when I was little - especially the bears that hang over it. Now I am ok with it, but I much prefer the exersaucer. I like to stand more than anything else. I always want me legs to be straight. I really don't like to sit, but I would stand all day if someone would hold me up.
I am a solid little dude, so much different than Keegan. My legs are chubby with rolls and rolls. Keegan never had a roll a day in his life. I have a big belly and have to wear my pants "below the equator." I still look so much like my dada. Now people are saying that Keegan looks like mama and I look like dada, except that everyone also says I look like Keegan (although Ga and mama and dada think we look so different), which doesn't really make sense. One thing I do like mama is sweat on the bridge of my nose. What a crazy thing to inherit.
I drool like no one's business, but now that I have two teeth, it all makes sense. I have 1000 bibs, and that's not enough.
All of the dark hair I had when I was born is gone, except for a tiny little mullet at the back of my neck. It's my "party in the back" hair style.
I love looking at my hands - I am like a hand model - I turn them this way and that. I play with Keegan's first toy (a little orange and yellow circle with a rattle in the center) and pass it from hand to hand. I am really getting into toys, and lovies. I like my soft fleecy lovies, especially the bear from Ga for Christmas.
Catch y'all next time!
Keegan has been coming up with some, ah, interesting lego people these days...
Look who's 5 months old!
Keegan decorated some cookies for me, and I was mad because mama would not let me eat them.
But I did look super fly in my cowboy shirt, jeans and red cowboy boots. Snap.
Cheeks for miles.
This guy! He ate cookies and more cookies, and then hid some under the dining room table for later.
Mama and her 5 month old. Where does the time go?
My dada got a cool pancake batter pourer from Santa in his stocking, and Ga used it to make me super cool pancakes after Christmas. These ones had chocolate chips and cinnamon candies in them.
And Ga made me a K!
Ga giving Finn some squeezes.
Mama's boys.
My middle name is Roscoe, after my great great grandfather Roscoe Conkling Specking. Roscoe was the only lawyer in the family, and he was quite a character. This Christmas, Grandma gave me Roscoe's Christmas ornament, which was one of two that he hung every year in his home.
On Christmas night, my uncle Billy, aunt Kristen, and cousins Jamie and Katie flew all the way from Minnesota to visit us for the week. It was the best Christmas present of all!
I got lots of fun presents, including this book called A Porcupine Named Fluffy. My Minnesota family has given me lots of cool books, including When a Moose Wants a Muffin and Piggy in the Puddle.
It was so fun hanging with our cousins.
I got super cool new Hot Wheels race tracks that I love to build all over the house.
My aunt Kristen had a good time loving on me. She hooked up mama with "another set of arms" a lot.
This was my favorite present, the duck call. I can't find it anywhere these days - I wonder where it went?
Finn got a moose animal!
I got a cool Wolverine book.
Mama loves reading to her boys.
Sweet cousin Katie - she sang me to sleep one night and I loved it and mama loved to watch it. Magical. I can't wait for Jamie and Katie to visit this summer!
Three generations here.
Happy Finn! Drooly Finn.
While we waited for the "adults" to get ready to go out to dinner one night, my cousins sang me a tune. I love listening to them sing. And they love me. See? Me and cousin Jamie, aka Jaybird.
We went to the beach for New Years Eve. It was nice to bring the Minnesota bunch down the beach in December!
Fireworks! And the moon! Uncle Billy is a good photographer.
Grandma had to cover my ears so that my ear drums didn't blow out. She loves me so much.
And more fireworks. We had a great time with the fam for the holidays. We'll see the crew again next November in Florida for Grandma and Grandpa's 50 year anniversary!!! And Minnesota for Christmas 2012. Bring on the snow.

When I woke up on Christmas morning, I came downstairs and found Santa's footprints and the note he left. I was amazed. I read the "ho ho ho" part of the letter all on my own.
I told Grandma and Grandpa, who were sleeping in my room, that I had to get dressed before I could go downstairs to see what Santa left. I was so excited and in such a hurry that I put on my shirt, and pants, backwards. My underwear were on right.
Santa left all kinds of good stuff, but Ga and Papa got me Ironman! This was the year of Superheros and Transformers, for sure.
Finn hung out with Grandpa while I opened presents for the both of us. He wasn't really into opening, yet.
I opened all Finn's gifts and gave them to him.
Finn got a super cute hat from Aunt Shannon.
And he got a zebra play thing from Grandma and Grandpa. He likes playing on it, and really likes looking at the mirror on the zebra's foot.