Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OK, who's been spying on us? Seriously people - my two faves: gummies & John Deere.
It doesn't get any better than this.
Happy second birthday Luke!On Saturday, we went to Luke's house to celebrate his birthday (which was on Friday). I am three days older than Luke. When Luke's mama came to visit me at the hospital when I was just born, the nurses tried to admit her because she was seriously prego. That is one of mama's favorite stories, and she will tell it every year.
It was a kiddie water circuit training wonderland - several pools with toys, sand and a slip and slide. I of course made the regular slide into a slip and slide too. No one was very surprised.
The family finally got to meet baby Hudson, Jackson's little brother. Can't wait for him to join us boys in creating craziness.
And baby Davis was there too - but I think he slept the entire time, right Al? Oh yeah, me and Jackson on the slip and slide. Good times to celebrate my good buddy Luke.