Monday, May 31, 2010

Another week's veggies from the farm brought us beautiful white onions, more cute little carrots, patty pan squash, zucchini, a big bag of little cucumbers, a huge bag of green beans, and a bag of delicious little blue potatoes. Every thing tasted so good, especially those little potatoes.
Update on the garden...the Earthbox is going crazy. We went away for Memorial Day weekend and came back to a box full of delicious tomatoes.
The rest of the garden is going bananas too - it looks like the Amazon in there.
The corn is will be interesting to see if we get any corn, or just plants.
This is one night's tomato harvest. Look at the beautiful heirloom lemon and purple tomatoes right in the center - they look like they aren't ripe yet, but they are perfect. So many delicious little guys in here. Mama is hoping for some of Ga's delicious pico de gallo soon!
And this was the night's zucchini harvest. Can you believe the size of some of these guys? Anyone have any good zucchini recipes? Look at the zucchini with the flower still attached. We also got some pretty yellow squash and four delicious cucumbers, perfect for making white gazpacho.
For Memorial Day weekend, the whole family went down to the beach. Aunt Bridey, Brenden and Marianne were there too.
For those that know me, you are not surprised that I ran, ran, ran for 6 hours straight. I had a blast.
Chris was down at the beach too. It was nice to hang out with him. He gave me lots of rides in the blow up boat.
Speaking of boats, dada rowed out the bait fish for the big rods in his canoe.
Brenden tried to catch a fish, but no luck. He did as much running in the surf as I did.
Nothing better than eating a chunk of watermelon right out of the cooler.
After I went to bed, my cousins, Chris and Mac had a good laugh.
The next day, I was worn out from all the running, and spent a bunch of time just chilling in the blow up boat. After a while, dada took me up to the cabin, fed me lunch, and I fell asleep on the couch while watching a cartoon. That was a first for me.
My family and friends stayed on the beach, but it was certainly more low key on Sunday than Saturday.
Dada's friend Eric came down to the beach and played his bagpipes. It was very cool.
I got my first set of legos the other day, and Brenden and loved to get into the top bunk and make cool things. I like to demand that people make me boats, while I like to make racing cars and trains.
Dada's birthday weekend at the beach
Dada, Crazy Randy and Mr. Matt entered into a fishing tournament on Saturday, so mama and I went down to the beach. We had a good time playing in the waves, and on shore.
I was excited when the ice cream man came at 10am, and mama was prepared with money, so I got this big bomb pop.
Look at my blue rimmed mouth~delicious!
Dada didn't win the tournament, but he did catch a big trout. Look at us both in our fishing shirts.
On Sunday morning, mama and I made dada a big batch of cupcakes. I probably ate more frosting than I spread.
My great aunt Marilynn and great uncle Leo were down visiting from Prince Edward Island. It was great to see them and show them all my tricks.
Dada and I had a great time playing with the football in the surf.
Dada threw his surf net to catch some fish for Papa to use as bait.
I wasn't quite so nimble, but I did try a few casts.
Here is Leo showing me one of dada's fish. Look, Leo wears socks with his sandals like Grandpa!
On the way home from the beach, we stopped at the Bymans' house to celebrate dada's birthday with them and the McCartys. Mama is very happy that she is having another boy - can you imagine throwing a girl in this mix of boys?
Happy birthday dada!
After we convinced the adults to go inside so that we could play with Luke and Davis' toys, Luke dressed up. He's pretty silly. I was very intrigued with the train table, as usual, even though I have one at home and could care less about it.
When we got home, we gave dada his birthday presents. His card had a monster on it, so we made our best monster faces for the picture.