Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Off to Grandma and Grandpa's house!
This weekend mama and I flew all the way to Chicago to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Dada's students were testing, so he couldn't come. It was Melanie's wedding, so we had to go this weekend. Mama was VERY nervous I wouldn't behave myself on the plane, but the 100 new toys, three bottles, seven pacifiers, six bags of cheerios, puffs, cookies and other treats helped me to stay quite good. Mama was stressed, but I was fine. I didn't even cry, either way.
I got in some cuddle time with Grandma after I took a spill down one stair in their house because mama forgot to close the gate. It was a close call, but I survived. I did cut up my nose, but it's already all healed up.

And just like that, it was time to go home. Time flies when you're having fun!
The whole family...(except for all those people ma didn't get pictures of...) Three generations. I got to meet my Great Uncle Alan. He's grandma's brother. He's got four grandkids of his own, so he was very good at keeping me entertained. He quickly learned that my favorite game is chase.
In fact, he was so cool that I let him hold me for about 10 seconds, which is 10 seconds longer than I let anyone else hold me these days. I am so on the move.
I also got to meet my baby second cousin, once removed, uh, whatever. His name is Noah. His mama Julie and my mama are cousins. Julie looked great. We missed seeing Sam, Noah's daddy.

I'm going to show Noah the ways of the world someday. It won't be long before we're running around together! Mama officially apologizes for not getting pictures of Kathie, Ed, and their son Ethan (and a shout out to Lauren and Samantha), and Aunt Linda, and the rest of the town that was at the Hochmuth house on Friday. It was so great to see everyone! Hope to see you soon!
I also got to meet my Great Great Aunt Ruth. Ruth is my Great Grandma Grace's sister.
Great Great Aunt Ruth is very cool. She was impressed by how much I run around. I made her laugh a lot. She brought me a cool book, and...
my very first box of animal crackers! I love these things.
On Saturday, I played with my toys ALL day. There was so much new stuff to play with. Grandma and Grandpa went all out under the guise of my birthday. Yeah, like it would be any different any other time! When I wasn't playing with my toys, I got to meet mama's bestest friends Jen and Dawn. Mama has been friends with Dawn since she was five, and with Jen since she was 13. Yeah, that's a long time. They ate me up too. I was very popular in Illinois.

Then, mama put me down for a nap and the ladies took off for Melanie's wedding.
Melanie & Yaniv Arazy, July 21, 2007
(narrated by mama, since Keegan stayed home with grandma and grandpa)
A beautiful ceremony, a fabulous day.
The bride was stunning.

A high school reunion with only the people you really want to see.
Like Destiny and James. It was so great to see those guys!
We danced the night away. And before I forget, the chocalate cake with peanut butter filling and caramel sauce was delish!
A quick pic to end the night. Can't wait to see everyone in Spring, 2008 in Florida!