Monday, December 24, 2007

My Aunt Bridey is here! She indulged me in a long walk around the neighborhod last night to see all the lights. I think I've got her convinced to go again tonight!
Holiday tradition #1 - taking pictures with ho ho ho at Bass Pro. Yes, we live in the country (who ever thought mama would say that?), so every year mama, dada and I go to the local Bass Pro Shop to take pictures with you know who. My cousins got here yesterday, so they joined us for the extravaganza.
Mama was a little nervous that I would throw a fit because all of my friends weren't too happy sitting on Santa's lap. I was not my usual chipper self, I took the experience very seriously, but all in all, it went well.
We even took a picture of all three of us for Grandma, just chillin' outside of Santa's fishing shack and in the boat.

Job well done!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Well Dada finally got his Racing Pictures up from Las Vegas. I sure hope that he is faster in a race car than he is at blogging.

Here is a picture of Dada and Uncle Billy. Are you sure you are going racing? Those suits sure look a lot like my P.J's.
For everybody that is watching this web blog and paying attention.....this is what I want for my sixteenth birthday. Notice that this one has two seats..very important when going out on dates!

Here is Dada getting his final directions before heading out on to the track.

Go Dada go!!! 150 miles per hour!!! Does that thing have a HEMI in it???

Here is a picture of him coming into pit row. Probably a good thing he showed some restraint and passed on doing do-nuts in the infield after his race.

Way to go Dada. Watch out Helio.. you've been spending too much time dancing with the stars.. Dada is coming for your ride and contract!!!