Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Spaghetti dinner 101
Hey Luke - next time you come over, I'll show you how to get spaghetti ALL OVER your face. You missed the top half of your head - it feels great when you rub it in your hair. Look Grandma, I'm a readhead!
After dinner, I got my first popsicle. Mama figured what more harm could I do? This was definitely a bath night!Spaghetti, a red-white-and blue popsicle, and my faux-hawk was even in rare form -- how cool am I?

Only my feet stayed clean!
Mama and Dada got me this cool pool for my birthday, but it took them FOREVER to put it together. Dada kept running out of hot air, so mama chipped in. Finally, they got it all put together so dada and I went for a dip. The pool even has a slide!
Dada and I tried on our starfish hats. Silly dada. This pool is awesome! And look, it's not even raining. Blue skies all around.
Even MA!!! MA!!!! (aka Mac) soaked up some sun.